Moving to Episkopi - first time on a pads estate - help!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by jbabs, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi can anyone help me I am due to move with my hubby to Episkopi in August - I have always worked and am having to take a career break however i would still like to work whilst i am there to keep me occupied when he is on duty etc - how do you go about finding a job ?.. I am 28 and have no kids so would like to know what people get up to for fun etc....
    Basically any advice you can offer bout moving out there would help !!! :wink:
  2. There are restrictions on dependants working in the Bases as part of the agreements with the Cypriot Government to provide jobs for the locals. It is best for you to speak to the Episkopi HIVE (link: who will be able to give you the latest information.

    Good luck, we had 2 brilliant years out there!



    This is their fact sheet on employment...

    Last Updated: 15th January 2008

    Employment Opportunities For British Forces Cyprus Dependants
    There are in the region of 550 posts available to UK Dependants with British Forces Cyprus. Some 200 of those posts are within British Forces Episkopi and the remainder spread across the island at Dhekelia, Ayios Nikolaos (Ay Nik) and Akrotiri.

    Although the Republic of Cyprus (ROC) is in the European Union (EU) the Sovereign Base Areas (SBAs) remain outside of the EU and opportunities for dependants to find employment within the bases is subject to the terms of The Treaty of Establishment. In this context a dependant is:

    The husband or wife of an entitled member of the British Forces or UK Based Civilian
    And in limited circumstances
    The child of an entitled member of the British Forces or UK Based Civilian under the age of 18.

    The scope of work is largely in the clerical field but there are some opportunities for learning support assistants and qualified nursing grades and a few other more specialised grades that occur from time to time. Selection is through educational qualifications or previous relevant Government service or passing a clerical entrance test and success at interview.

    Although the turnover of staff is quite high, dependants seeking work on the bases can expect to wait up to two or three months before securing employment.

    Dependants may write to the Civilian Recruitment offices prior to arrival in Cyprus requesting details of current employment opportunities and are strongly encouraged to submit a full CV with their covering letter, although they will still need to register with the Recruitment office on arrival. Dependants wishing to take up employment must bring with them all their original qualifications and proof of previous Government, Armed Forces, British Forces Germany or British Forces Cyprus service. Civil servants on Special Unpaid Leave should also bring their letter of authority.

    Any dependants wishing to obtain details in advance of their posting should write to:

    Civilian Labour and Recruiting Office, Dhekelia Garrison, BFPO 58 (Dhekelia & Ay Nik)
    Civilian Labour and Recruiting Office, RAF Akrotiri, BFPO 57 (for RAF Akrotiri)
    Civilian Labour and Recruiting Office, British Forces Episkopi, BFPO 53 (for Episkopi)

    There are other employers in the SBAs who employ dependants, for example the Sovereign Base Area Administration, CESSAC and HIVE. Details of any vacancies may be obtained direct from these organisations. Now that Cyprus is in the EU there is more opportunity for work in the ROC. As in the UK, vacancies are frequently advertised in the local Press.

    Jobcentre Plus- There is no Jobcentre plus in Cyprus.

    Civil Labour & Recruitment Office Opening Hours/Industry Focus
    The Civil Labour and Recruitment Office located at British Forces Episkopi is clearly signposted.

    DCS (PERS)
    Tel: (00357) 2596 3987 OR
    Tel: (00357) 2596 2274
    0800 – 1030 Mon, wed & Fri

    Clerks, Assistant Clerks, Typists, Medical/Teaching

    Local Papers
    Please find below a list of local newspapers, including the days they specialize in employment.

    Name of Newspaper Employment Days
    The Cyprus Lion Friday - available from NAAFI or CESSAC
    The Cyprus Weekly Friday - available from CESSAC

    Employment on Station/Unit
    There are various employment opportunities on the station/unit. Most of these vacancies are advertised in the Cyprus Lion and through DCS (Pers). To register for these vacancies you must contact 2596 3987 or 2596 2071.

    Resettlement Centres
    Whilst the main aim of the Resettlement Centre is to help Service Personnel into Civilian employment, they hold a great many resources, which are useful to the job hunter. These are available to the dependant as well as the Serving partner and include local newspapers, local and national vacancies, specialist publications, and computer access. Contact details of the local Resettlement Centre are:

    Resettlement Centre Contact Details
    Resettlement & Education Advisor
    Episkopi Support Unit
    British Forces Episkopi
    BFPO 53 Mondays

    Tel: 2596 3800

    Army Families Federation Employment Advice Service produces a National Employment Handbook, which is available in all HIVEs. This offers information on a range of employment related information from employment rights to help with CV’s and application forms. In addition to this AFF have a National Employment Advisor and 4 AFFEAS offices across the country. Contact details below.

    HIVE Vacancies
    Details of vacancies within the HIVE Organisation are available in all HIVEs. Contact your local HIVE Information Officer. HIVE vacancies are also advertised on the HIVE website

    Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
    Job Seekers Allowance is paid to people who are looking for work and can be either contribution based or income-based. (Service spouses are unlikely to qualify for income-based JSA). Contribution based JSA depends on whether or not you have paid enough National Insurance (NI) contributions and satisfy other conditions for claiming JSA. It is paid at a personal rate.

    The process for claiming JSA can be complicated for the Service spouse, however not impossible.

    The following information, which may help, is available in your local HIVE.

    • Financial help if you are looking for work’ PFL WK2 (also available as a download from the jobcentre plus website).

    • People going abroad or coming from abroad’ JSA 22 (also available as a download from the jobcentre plus website).

    • Claiming Job Seekers Allowance: Actions on posting within UK’

    British Forces Episkopi is on the SBA (Sovereign Base Area) and therefore not part of the EU.

    The Cyprus Branch of AFF has put together a fact sheet on ‘Claiming JSA in Cyprus’ which can be downloaded direct from their website. The website address is
    Curriculum Vitae

    Most employers now require the job-hunter to provide an up to date Curriculum Vitae. There are many web-sites, which will design your CV. Most of these also offer free help and advice:
  3. Alternatively, you can do what I have done for the past 2 years:

    Visit beach daily to soak up the rays and check out naked boobies
    Drink loads of cool Keo
    Drink loads of Brandy Sours
    Eat at least one meze a day
    Eat lots of grilled haloumi
    Put weight on

    Seriously, forget about work you don't need it out here, it gets far too hot. I have managed 2 years without doing any work and I am serving, as a dependant you will find it even easier to do nothing.
  4. H, i am due to move out there too, end of july, i have been looking for work too but not had anything positive back, seems its the old army thing of not what you know but who you know to get any of the civvi jobs and you need to speak greek for anything else half decent. What type of job are you looking for? where do you live now? Do you know where you will be housed?We are going to be in biggins hill , sarah xxxx
  5. Its not like that at all.

    I have friends down there, and its on a case by case basis. There aren't many jobs going around, so its the same for everyone.

    Take Daytonas' advice, or further your education at the centre there.
  6. We lived on the Biggin Hill part of the garrison for 3 years. The houses are cheap and cheerful unlike the ones over on Lionheart. They are nice gaffs but pricey.

    If moving onto the Biggin Hill area....One piece of advice....BUY AIRCON UNITS. The houses have/had roof fans when we were there, but were bloody useless. As it gets super redders in the middle of summer.

    My wife managed to get a job relatively quick after getting there and stayed employed (even if it was 0700 - 1300 5 days a week. )

    Great posting for families. Get out and about and enjoy the island. You will be surprised how quick you will pick up a bit of the language.

    Any more questions PM me. We left in 2004. There are members of the site who can provide more up to date advice though, but happy to help.

    Cheers N_W.
  7. Although not in Epi, I have friends down there.

    Any questions just ask away, or PM me.
  8. The house we have been allocated is great for the money, heard a lot of good things about the posting, have taken your advice about the air con units, especially as we will be unpacking in the August heat eek. x
  9. Daytona, you are famous mate :wink:

    You were quoted on BFBS radio this morning :D

    But, come on BFBS, it is the Army Rumour Service not network :wink: