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Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by RAF889, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. I moved to Perth, Western Australia in December 2006 age 41. Because of my skill set and that of the missus we could not come into the country as Permanent Residents. I came in on a student visa and had to learn to cook! Both me and the missus could only work 20 hours a week and I had to work in industrial kitchens. These restrictions lasted two years.
    Was it worth it?
    It emptied our savings to almost nil. But, yes worth every tough moment. WA is the best place in the world to be skint. Summer, by UK standard, lasts approximately 10 months a year. Approximately 18000 km of beach in WA alone.
    Answer Yes.

    The global financial crisis missed WA and we have a mining boom so there are still many jobs.
    The standard house in Perth is 4 bedroom, two bath, detached on around 500 m2 (a small block of land)
    Perth has become very expensive but to me the wages are in line with the cost of living.
    Australia and/or Perth is not for everyone though. We all have to get up to go to work, we have bills to pay. The Govt tax the shite out of us too - no different to the UK.

    Australia is one of the few remaining countries where you can have anything you want, you just need to work for it. But if you put in the hard yards it is achievable.

    I have been lucky in many ways but I am not here to crow.

    If interested start here

    Department of Immigration & Citizenship
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  2. Coming from UK I'd heard all about the red back spider and how fecking deadly it is. But bull there, they hurt but aren't deadly to fit folk, only the old, infant and perhaps MacDonaldsly challenged blob.
    it's been quite a lot of years since anyone died of a snake bite.
    Sharks scare the bejaysus out of me, I check the pool and spar daily not found one there yet.

    I was told that 8 out of 10 of the worlds most venomous beasties live here, I didn't think it was that low haha.

    Seriously a little care and either a shovel or a 4/10 shotgun help relocate most beasties to a new ethereal plane
  3. Been in Oz myself since 1994. Card carrying member since 96. Great place to live and work, like you say. But not all sweetness and light. Like anywhere really. Nowhere is perfect. This gets close though.

    Certainly hard to beat the weather! That's what drove me out of UK. And as you say, if you're prepared to put in the hard yards, you really can make anything happen here.

    Sadly I live on the othe side of the 'World' in Sydney. Which as you would know, for those in WA, really IS another World :)
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  4. The spiders, snakes and crocodiles could be a concern also...
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  5. Howdy neighbour!
  6. Ahhh the big city with yer fancy electrickery powered lights and them thar motor ve-hicles!

    Having been pissed up all around Darling Harbour I have to say it's cheaper than Perth but I do like the small town feel of WAs state capital.
    Are you ADF or Mister rank?
    Should go FIFO to the Pilbara and earn the big $$$$ Robo - if you aren't already one of those Eastern State interlopers we have nabbing our good West Ozzie jobs hahaha

    good to meet another Pom
  7. Strictly a mister now Mate. Almost been a mister as long as I was in uniform now! No need for the Pilbara thanks, doing quite OK Here :)

    Get to WA now and again. Found anywhere to get a decent beer in this country yet ?
  8. Do a bit of home brewing, but that's slowly making me go blind and show signs of early onset dementia.

    Anywhere it's free, neighbors yards or mine sweeping at last orders!!!!

    Aussie pubs try to be European but it doesn't quite work. Shout me next time your over I'll buy/mump a half for you man!
  9. **** the spiders, crocs, snakes and sharks, it's the epileptic nuns that'll kill you.
    No Cookies |
    Glad you enjoy it here.
  10. Greetings and salutations.

    Try New Zealand,

    plenty of work, nice people, great bars, not many curry houses !

    pip pip
  11. Epileptic nuns ? Where?

    It's not the crocs, spiders, snakes and sharks that concern me but the Asian drivers and Lebbo's

    Anyway RAF889, you on some incentive scheme or something? Trying to get more poms over here?
  12. Ahh, NZ, where people go if they can't get in to strayia :)

  13. NZ just like madchester, non stop piss down, lovley..........................
  14. I've been hear 5 years today, seen one snake, was a life guard for 2 years, saved 1 child, saw 1 shark, heaps of red backs but never been bitten.

    Good health care, beer has given me gout but some cheap German beer has flooded the bottle shops lately. There is no bullying at schools, really friendly and not over crowded.

    Never been to western aus, will take the India pacific from Adelaide to Perth a drive back in a couple of years time, need a trip back to uk first, I miss wild camping in scotland, Tasmania is as good but don't have the same muckers!

    Dont miss anything about the UK although soccer this morning was chucking it down and bloody cold, reminded me of Sunday league.