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After reading about John Cleese living on St Kitts and Nevis I wondered which small island/group of islands would be best to for early retirement? Any amusing and informative stories?
The bit off Belize looks interesting.
Have you considered the Isle of Sheppey?

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
Unst too you to
if you look at the map in the book treasure island, its Unst
R.L.Stevensons father worked on the lighthouses and as a young man he explored and came to love the island
muckle flugga is nearby
decent music
you never need to lock your doors
and the wild life is stunning
down side the brown bath water
but you cant have everything


A friend lived on Jersey for a few years and could not see the back of it fast enough. The wife has fanciful ideas about the Orkneys, not to far away from the mainland, but far enough, mind you she has not done the crossing in a storm. The gales, endless winter nights and needing a riot shield instead of an umbrella most of the year is not for me.

Islands in the Caribbean will soon get boring, they are small and lack anything meaningful aside from beaches and rum. A bit of change to keep you sane would be needed.

So no I will stay on this island for what it’s worth.
There was a small island for sale on loch lomond, for 150,000 quid on the understanding nothing could be built on it at all...

When reading about Eric Arthur Blair his health really went downhill after being soaked off Jura…. the view from Crinan is amazing in sunshine rain and snow….

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