Moving to 16 Sigs Elmpt! Help!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by emma-af, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Hey! I'm moving with my husband to Elmpt in the summer and was looking for advice and general info on the area. My husband is only a phase 2 at current so Army life is very new to us. I am only 21 so obviously is very scary moving to another country with no family or friends. We have no children so I will be looking for a job (dont know how easy that will be) :? Anyway I come from the Isle of Wight so all my family and friends live there, we are currently living in Blandford with our 2 cats. So if anyone has info on elmpt, taking animals to Germany, nearest airport, or whether it is easier to get the eurostar, things to do for young couples, best bars, nearest clubs etc, what accomodation is like (I've heard rumors about flats???) driving in germany, family and friends visiting, how much flights are? and anything else you think will help me I would be much appriciated! Thank you :)

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  2. There's been a lot of comment on Elmpt on other forums, so best search them. Ask people in Blandford about Javelin Barracks.
  3. You dont say what trade he is.

    There are no flats at Elmpt and if you are taking pets, best use the Eurotunnel so they are not left on their own during the journey.

    The camp itself is located brilliantly, with loads of scope to travel Europe.

    Job wise you have to register with Rhine Area Labour support Unit, but if you have any sort of quals you will get a job.

    You should recieve a welcome pack from the welfare office which will answer alot of questions which you have.
  4. He is Comms Sys Enginer. Thank you for your help
  5. I'm not in the Army but my missus was born on JHQ and her parents live in Elmpt. Her old man is ex army. I have been there several times.

    It is quite a small place and I have found the locals to be quite friendly even though I dont speak German.

    It is pretty easy to drive there from Eurostar as previously mentioned. The route we take is towards Dunkirk then Antwep and Eindhoven dropping down from Venlo to Elmpt.

    Not sure about jobs. Much of the surroundings is countryside although monchengladbach isnt too far away. I think they are suffering from recession at the moment.
  6. Easier way is to head for Dunkirk, Gent, Antwerp, Eindhoven, than take the 2 towards Maastrich and come off at Roermond.

    Follow the new 52 which runs right past Javelin Barracks.

    Oh, and there are loads of jobs coming up at the moment.
  7. Hi, I left Germany last year. Although I didn't live in Elmpt, I really enjoyed our time there. If you go to your HIVE they should be able to get you lots of information about moving there and give you contacts. I am sure you will love it.

    I was 21 and only married a year when we got sent overseas so I know how you are feeling. Once you get settled you will be ok, keep an open mind and make the most of it. :)
  8. To be honest, the only good thing about elmpt and I left JHQ last November is the Old Runway (for the motorbike) and it is bang on the border to holland which is great for shopping (well for the wife).

    But the accommadation is first class and things are what you make them plus the extra pay for being abroad is well better than being in the UK or NI.

  9. i have been on Elmpt station for 5 years ... i have lived in the housing estate outside camp called Wildenrath. There i had a puma'd house ( new everything ) and also been moved onto javelin bks and lived in a star'd house ( new kitchen, new bathroom ). Wildenrath is crap. Your husband has to be careful he doesnt drink too much cos you have to drive 25 minutes into work and the German Police love the speed cameras on the way in. If you live on camp your close to work, but risk having anything not nailed down stolen by drunken singlies on the way in from the lash every friday and saturday night as they cut through the pad estate. There are 2 regiments on Elmpt, 16 and 7 ... and each regiment always feel they have to out do each other, whether its stupid parades at daft oclock or which regiment can provide the most **** RP staff to check car passes and generally make life that little bit sh!tter on an already sh!t camp. Funnly enough I cant wait to get the flock off there. Hope you enjoy your tour though. ;)
  10. I left Elmpt Station 3 years ago! It is a well situated and caters for most people both sport amenities and welfare amenities wise. Wildenrath although out on a limb, did not differ from JBE in any way shape or form, and the very helpful and experienced Station Staff ensured that the status quo remained. In all a very good posting in an ideal location. However; it is up to the individual to form his or her own opinion. Both my wife and I enjoyed our time there. Good luck with your posting!
  11. except the lack of shops, miles from anywhere... there is the PheonixNights club (wife swaping optional). If you dont drive youll find it hard and unless you get a job ... very boring
  12. Not sure about the job your husband will be doing as i have been away from Elmpt for 4 years, but what i am 100% sure about is if you have a quarter on camp your quality of life will be first class. Great social, good shops a taxi ride away, great camp amenities, nice houses a full (but over priced) Naafi, outdoor swimming pool i cant wait to go back.

    As it your first posting it may be hard for your husband to do, but if he values quality of home life above job satisfaction i think you should have a great time.
  13. i think there will be plenty of jobs up for grabs after that recent civil contractors scam on elmpt no?

    oh, and don't go to harem's expecting a bar supper.
  14. Good old Elmpt Station - Always plenty to do there!
  15. Look you lot this is no good at all! What's with all the positive comments? Somebody get some horror stories in quick. We can't have people enjoying themselves in the Royal Signals ya know. I mean.... what will the neighbours say?