Moving threads - Johnson Beharry on dancing on ice

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crimsonhussar, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. OK, so you moved the dancing on ice thread, was there really any need to lock it, there were people commenting you know! Power really can go to peoples heads at times.
  2. Can we at least re-open the original thread. First thread i have ever started and the bloody thing gets closed down! Its not as if i was the first person ever to open a thread in the wrong forum is it? Why was it locked anyway, wrong time of the month for the MOD or something?
  3. johnson beharry vc, what a true hero of a man. i hope it helps him on his road to recovery, and all the very best to him..........
  4. Exactly, he gets himself on telly and the bloody thread discussing it gets shut down because i opened it in the wrong forum...................whats that all about?
  5. Sixty

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    Well here's a crazy thought: you might have possibly added it to the already posted thread about the same ******* thing? Or was that too difficult?
  6. Even crazier to think that a MOD might just point it out to me and politely and merge the threads then inform us all as you usually do? i didnt think it would be a lot to ask of a MOD on a site to be bloody helpful. No degree in rocket science in evidence here is there?
  7. And he goes through to the next round, good man, keep it up and good luck.
  8. This isn't an MOD site genius.
  9. Moderator

  10. I thought there were only 9 letters in moderator? :razz:
  11. Ah come on guys! Read his whinge back like he thinks it the M.O.D and its much more funny!
  12. I was talking to a guy from Beharry's battalion...biker like me, up at Terry's on the A470.....good bloke , clocked me straight away..not hard in HI VIS and a Volvo.....

    But noticed the sewn in creases and Lowa's....(Sorry, sad cnut, and still have a green umbilical cord)

    Mr B isn't all he appears to be ..VC holder or not.....NOW ..i have never met him..actually , yes I have..the twat got stopped on Vauxhall Cross for driving with no insurance.....

    Knobber..came out with the line.."Do you know who I am".....

  13. At least he's not filth.
    Or worse, Ratty traffic filth either.
    You've based this all on what the bloke you met, the biker said. Once you'd finished cottaging - because you just love sewn in creases (the mark of a remf btw) did he buy you some mints, or cheese?
  14. Explain that. Now.
  15. What he said x10 !