moving rooms!!! (again)

Hi all, im currently half way through my posting which is in germany. I went to my own expence to have a landline telephone and internet connection put in my room, only for 4 months when they had a big fitter section change around in which I had to change rooms to a completly different block.
All well on until I was told I had to pay for the reconnection of the phone line, so I bit the bullet and cracked on. Now 8 more month down the line, its all change and im moving again along with my phone line.
Can this be fair? is there anything i can claim? after all you never see a pad moving houses every couple of months and if they do they get a fair bit cash!!!!

Rant over!!!!

No its not fair and probably over looked by the CoC. Mention it to your SSM/CSM, not as a rant, but just as an explanation of the costs incurred. This may then be considered in furture when deciding to move people around.


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Ask for a written explanation of why you are being moved. If it is 'in the needs of the service' and is a forced move you can claim Single Soldier's Disturbance (at the lower rate)

Honestly - this is true. The problem would be getting it in writing.

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