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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cheggarsRE, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi later on this month me and soon to be Mrs Chegs are going to move into a house 12 miles from work. My question is what pay benefits will i get because currently i have no admin staff to ask until Oct!!!!

    Please excuse me for not searching harder but any real help will be great thank you!!!!!
  2. anyone???
  3. Congratulations....

    Until you are married, bugger all.

    Once you are married, I think you will be able to claim for Home to Duty (Private) which isn't very much.

    You should read the JSP.

  4. Are you uckin serious. What sort of benefits were you expecting?

    Free windowleen, or perhaps a 46" Plasma TV screen. :x

    Now will be about the time that your realise that all those stories peddled by singlies about the 'pads' riches/allowances were complete tonk.

    Oh and if it's SFA you are venturing to, enjoy the 'get you in pack'.

    It probably first saw service with Adam and Eve.

    Don't forget to ask for the gardening allowance. :wink:
  5. no no it's civvi rental. Is there no GYH or something as i am giving the reg back a 4 man room???

    if not then fuk em i'll keep the room as well!
  6. apparently it's home to duty private i can claim...never heard of that....
  7. You are BRILLIANT.
  8. Who said sarcasm was the lowest form of wit.
  9. Dont get too excited - its only applicable after the first 6 miles and then you have to make a contribution out of your pay towards it. At the current cost of fuel you will be lucky if you break even.
  10. Cheggars old chap. You appear to have fallen for the old "being married is great" routine.

    My husband fell for that when he married me of course. His current "benefits" are as follows:

    He gets a free haircut - massive saving there. He bought a pair of clippers and after years of practice he can now go into work the day after I have cut it and have no-one laughing at him.
    He gets to mow the lawn having come home from work knackered.
    He likes being dragged round the shops during any free moment.
    His choice at the hotplate is take it or leave it (hmm, no change there then).
    He gets to invest all his income in being a married person.
    He has gone grey and is now going bald.
    Any spare money he does make from mileage claims etc he puts towards running my car, covers about 000000.1 percent of it I should think.
    I do wuv him though :D

    You have to get married sometime, no point in being happy forever.

    At least you are a Sapper.
  11. Cheggers, you will get very little cash for a first move in. Although from now on you are allowed a disturbance allowance. This will rise every time you spawn a sprogle.

    Outside of UK, your LOA will rise as your family does too.

    You receive an allowance for home to duty. I think mine is apporx 50 knicker per month, for a 10 mile round trip. I save it though, by cycling and running on alternate days.

    Locker at work full of sports kit and uniform and of course I hammer the PAYD scheme which isn´t bad for pads. :D
  12. I'M NOT MARRIED AND IT'S A CIVVI RENTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    atleast one read it and answered. i dont mind paying some out my own pocket cause it gets me away from the noisy 15yr LCpl's that think they know everything and have to be part of everything....