moving out of SFA into own accomodation



Just a question about moving, I am moving out of SFA into our own accomodation, I know I wont get any DA but just curious if I can arrange a move through the Army or if i'll get a fat fu*k off lol lol

I'm only asking coz my husband is making me ask :) we are both penny pinching sods
If it is all down to your own choice, with no Assignment Order, you will get neither Disturbance nor Removals.
Try PASH. Ask your admin office about it. I got a grant to help with a move into a quarter, was able to spend about £300. Just had to provide receipts.
To be able to claim any form of allowance you will need to have an order in writing to move, ie an Assignment Order and even then it has to be one that requires you to move your family. However if you are moving to an SPR I suppose you could submit a case for an anticipated move meaning that you would be going UA next Assignment (as long as CEA was not being claimed).

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