Moving into SFA is so easy...NOT.

I'm due to be at my new unit in 2 weeks. Got my posting order 3 weeks ago. Applied to DH for SFA as soon as move was confirmed. They have 15 working days to let me know. That is up now. So I called them:

Me: “any news?”

Them: “sorry due to illness/holiday/dog eating homework we will be looking at it tomorrow”…

So, I can’t apply for disturbance allowance as don’t know if SSFA or SFA, don’t know address so can’t get brats into school, can’t arrange movers. Can’t get current house advertised for rent or sale as family need a guaranteed home during this. If they allocate MQ then it’s 20 plus days before I get it. If they can’t allocate, then another month before I get a hiring. How good is this going to look at new unit when my admin is up my arrse? .

“Right Mrs Poobah, I know I have been away from home nigh on for 2 years and told you this one would be accompanied but I’m off to live in single accom, and sorry but can you move the kids mid term, sell the house, view some schools & choose one, organise movers, pack house up, pay the cash for all this, drive the family down, move in… Sorry can’t help as it takes 3 weeks to have a look at a board on a wall to see if we have any empty houses and another 3 weeks to check if you can rent a house”

I know X factor is to pay for this but c’mon give me a break.

…and breathe…
This isnt a dig at your personal circumstance:

Why is it 20 days plus between being allocated a SFA and moving in?
Kids have just started on 7 weeks of summer holidays so at least the schooling bit isnt so much of a 'need it now' drama.
Disturbance allowance can be applied for up to 45 days before the actual move date, but you dont get it on the day you apply, it usually turns up in your next months pay, so you end up forking out for stuff in advance anyway, which if there are hotel stays involved can be very expensive as you cant claim these back until after youve done it!
Another plus is that the Flash to bang for the movers can be unusually fast.

Then theres this badger, from the disturbance allowance thread:

Elsie_Tanner said:
It is the move of the soldier NOT the family that is the date of move.
Basically youre buggered, afterall, the needs of the service come first, those of the individual and their family come a close (but on whos scale?) second.

Just wait till you have to move from Germany to the UK!
I would imagine moving into SFA is difficult...scottish football isn't what it was since setanta pulled out...
Is that because of loss of sponsorship?
I tried to apply for the disturbance allowance after reading that thread.

Trouble is it depends on what you are moving from and to. ie SFA to SFA, SFA to SSFA, Hiring to SFA etc, it is all different amounts. All I need is an address where I am going to be living and I can do the rest myself.

Setanta b ggered up the SFA by running out of cash, wonder if the would do a better job than DE at moving us around?
Filbert Fox said:
...........Disturbance allowance can be applied for up to 45 days before the actual move date, but you dont get it on the day you apply, it usually turns up in your next months pay, so you end up forking out for stuff in advance anyway, which if there are hotel stays involved can be very expensive as you cant claim these back until after youve done it!.......

Just to clarify a couple of points:

Disturbance Allowance is indeed paid in with the normal pay run rather than most JPA claims that are paid immediately. However if a soldier has to stay in a hotel during the move he can claim advance of up to 80% of the anticipated costs including food bills. As DA is paid to cover things like cleaning there is no reason why that cannot be claimed for as an advance either.
Filbert Fox said:
Why is it 20 days plus between being allocated a SFA and moving in?
The lovely DE (not HIC at that time) quoted that time scale to me once before. Their explanation was to enable MHS to 'get the property ready'. What's to get ready if they've done the march out properly? Personally, I think it's just another way of raising our blood pressure a bit further.
My last unit actually paid the whole hotel bill in advance using the unit credit card, anything on top of that such as lunch and evening meals and you were billed by the hotel as you left and claimed back.

We are currently moving from the fatherland to the UK, housing people in UK have told me that the only date that they can hand the quarter over to me is while I'm still in germany, in fact its on the day I hand this quarter over. They still wont budge, so duty stranger is taking over for us!
Is this useless level of service because they are going to get paid no matter what. Can you imagine a civvy letting company giving you HO/TO dates that were not acceptable, delaying you and not doing the job right.

I am seriously considering buying a house as I get somewhere decent and don't have any of this drama. Given the state of the market I will get a bargain and I can choose where I live. It will cost me more but it will be an investment and I'll get my money back in years to come.

Sorry I meant civvy business moving civvies that pay with their own money, ie if they fek it up they don't get the business. I had the joy of being housed in SSSA recently and it was a farce, but once I got chatting to the agent, and explained my woes and the fact that I would source something else unless he did me a good deal things changed. If he helped me out he got paid if not it hit him in the pocket.

He was an alright bloke but it was just a sausage machine, if you kept your trap shut you just got any old stinking flat and he still got paid. If they have two flats that they need to get rid of, you are going to get the choice of those two flats not two that suit you.

The rules on days and that can be quite flexible and move quite quick....

For starters, I started applying for my move (once) without even knowing werhe i was going... I just wrote on the sheets "TBC"... when I say TBC I mean I didn't even know where in the WORLD I was going to end up... let alone which street.

If you know you are going to a specific area you can put that down.

So that is no problem.

Re schools...

You know roughly where you are going so check in to the ones in te area. Make contact as neccesary.

Get in touch with your next unit, so that they know you are not a G1 case, and start making preliminary adverts for renting your house (or sale, but obviously at the moment renting may be better) you can put on the advert "date of move in to be negotiated" so that's covered.

Yo uappear to making this much harder and complex than it really is... trust me, it could be much worse.

Phone the DHE tomorrow, with all the dates written down. If no joy, push up the ladder. When you have your house, tell them when you want to move in, again, use the dates you have as leverage, etc.

Where are you moving to anyway?

Re expenses, they'll all turn up eventually so don't worry. You've had five weeks NTM, but you must know your going to move, that's why I keep a bank account called "Bills" with a monthly payment in to it... why?

Because I know when I go back to UK I'll need MOT, Road Tax, TV Licence, etc. and it's handy to have incase the fridge explodes... only costs* me about £50 a month to service.

And dripping about you don't know whether to sell or rent your house? I doubt you'd be sold up or rented out by next month!!!!
*well, it doesn't cost, as I don't lose the money but yo uknow what I mean.
I must admit I still wonder why the MCMs can't give us 6 - 12 months notice of posting.

I have had everything from 3 months (as a singley) to 2 weeks (pad).
C Frog,

I was just spouting off my frustrations. I have approached all the local schools and sussed out the good ones. I have applied to local authority to get into ones near the camp just in case. (I wangled a generic letter from my unit saying where we were moving). The kids' schools here have been info'd that we are offski. I have been down on a recce and the missus is there now at our own expense! But if they move me 20 miles up the road it all goes wrong.

I am just annoyed that they can not tell me within (the very generous) time-line that either 1: your are on camp a, b or c or 2: you have got to go into a hiring.

I have got singly accom sorted as a backstop. I wanted to get a "For Sale or Let" sign outside this place but houses shift within weeks here and surprisingly for once the estate agent doesn't want it on market until we know a date. Doesn't want us to appear as timewasters.

Like you I have a slush fund for this but I shouldn't have to use it, I want to spend it on beer.

Unit is aware of issues but they cannot do anything as DH were within the time limits.

I am not letting on where it is as with my tinfoil hat on I am convinced that the fine bureaucrats at DH read this forum and will shred my 1132 for spite. :roll:
Sorted mate.

It'sa lovely night, crack a cold one and rest in the knowledge you've done everything you can!!!

But try to book removals if you can.
Cold one in fridge for when pizza shows up - Missus is away!

Sadly movers/removals won't accept paperwork without new address! So...I will pick a random pad near the new unit, or try the 'tbc c/o the new unit', this will at least get the moving assessor round and then when they tell me where I am going I will change it. At least it will get things moving.

Never mind only a few years til we do it all again.

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