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Does anyone have any advice on what you need to do to get any support from the Army such as respod etc?

What I mean is do you have to move within six mopnths of posting order also if you recieve a posting order and decide to buy your own house will they give you disturbance allowance or help with removal costs??

Ill bet the answer is no to all knowing the Army. :evil:

As you would expect, this is a complicated area. I would suggest that you visit you admin office and ask them. They will need to refer in detail to the Regulations for Army Allowances and Charges.

Assuming you are single you will only be entitled to disturbance allowance if you are moving from rented accomodation into a house that you have bought, otherwise a move into a house of your own will qualify as a 'first move' and will not get an allowance - this is the same for married personnel.

Depending on your age you may be able to get assistance in your house purchase under the House Purchase Scheme - again ask you admin office.

RILOR is only admisible when you move post and you choose to stay in a house that you own and is limited to a distance of 50 miles from that house - you are unlikely to be eligible for this at the moment.

RPOD is only available for travel between a MQ, SLA or military rented accommodation equivalents. You will not get this allowance.

There are other circumstances in which you can get allowance, but the above is the general situation. I managed to get disturbance allowance twice as a singly, but only because I got the book out and went through it myself - the admin office initially said that I was not eligible. It pays to do some proper research.





Cheers I am not single but married and find myself in the position of unexpectedly being promoted and posted in the middle of buying a house. I intentd to go on unnacompanied just wonedered if I still get GYH (P) etc.

As I said before - this is complicated and sounds as though it just got a little more complex!

Congrats on promotion - always good to have a few extra pennies. However, the posting doesn't seem to fit in too well with your plans to buy a house!

Disturbance allowance and Furniture moves: From what I can tell you are moving from a MQ into your own house at the same Duty Station. This will not qualify for Disturbance Allowance or furniture removal costs. If the house was at the new Duty Station you would get disturbance allowance at the Basic rate and your removal paid for. If you are over 37 different rules may apply.

Food and Accommodation: Assuming you move into SLA at your new duty station you will have to pay accommodation charges as you are voluntarily (as opposed to involuntarily) seperated as you have chosen to maintain you family in a house away from your duty station. You will, similarly, have to pay Married Unaccompanied Food Charges.

GYH(P): It does look like you will be entitled to GHY(P), provided both your current and future locations are in the same theatre (UK (less NI), North Europe, or NI) and not within 50 miles. This is based on the distance between your new house and your new Duty Station and your admin office will be able to tell you how much this is. You will not get this allowance at the same time that you are away for any period that entitles you to LSSA (you would not normally pay food and accom during this period either). If both locations are within 50 miles then you would (should) be entitled to RILOR if you travelled daily - but I suspect from what you have said that you have already ruled this out.

Hope this helps. Remember to check with your admin office and read the RAAC to fully understand your personal situation. I am not AGC so check these details for yourself.

Regards and all the best.

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