Moving images from New York Times

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Run_Charlie!, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Perhaps these images might shut up even our yank bashing fraternity for a while. They should be published far and wide to illustrate just why our own glorious MOD lie,lie and lie again to cover up the true number of our own wounded whilst cutting services,wards and support for them. Truely humbling.
  2. Photo 6 is deeply moving.

    God love her.
  3. Poor, poor souls
  4. I don't think the public could stomach something like this being done about our wounded troops.
    They'd prefer to campaign against housing for relatives visiting injured soldiers who are rehabilitating, or ensuring that military personnel don't travel through our airports in uniform in case they offend someone...
  5. No6 is just mindblowing.

    These images should be shown to everyone.

    Anyone think we could do a British version?
  6. I must confess to being a spetic basher, the roman legions of the twenty first century. I apologise, seeing those images has brought to sharp focus the pain and suffering, of those who defend our rights to take the piss. A British version would be useful, if only to point out to us civvys that an important job is being done by true heros.
  7. Won't frikkin load for me!!!!!!!! :evil:
  8. Sorry to post so soon again, but after leaving the Army I am now a photographer, with wedding as my main work image six has moved me to post again. It is a moving picture which shows not only the effects of war but also the consequences of it. words fail me.
  9. Image 6

    A detail from a studio portrait of a young Illinois couple on their wedding day, titled, "Marine Wedding."

    Photo: Nina Berman/Jen Bekman Gallery

    Attached Files:

  10. Agreed. Numbers of casualties announced by the media daily do not even come close to conveying the cost paid not only by those who serve, but also by those who wait for them.
    A very humbling and sobering collection.
  11. Very moving pictures.

    picture 6, what a great girl. good luck to them and the others.

    I suspect that if people in the UK were really aware of what the human costs of these wars, that this government has hidden so well, the labour party would be in real trouble - and deservedly so.

  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I just looked at the images & sat here for minutes deciding what to say.Words cant describe it.PTP mentioned image 6 of the brave Marine looking at his lovely wife,his face,well,gone,and her expression is one of numbness.He must've gone thru month's of surgery & yet,all this time his wife stayed by his side when many would've ran.
    I was moved to tears over these images.The US have lost far more men than us but as far as I'm concerned,we're all brothers in arms.I might have been out of the mob for 10 years but I'm sure that like all of ex-whatever ,we're still in, albeit in spirit.
    God bless all our servicemen whatever the nationality.
  13. I can not put into words how numb I feel after looking at the pictures. Everyone of them is a true hero.
  14. Hear hear Spike... I'm 2 years ahead of you, but I too still feel the same as you...