Moving House - ISP, removals etc. arrangements

I get the keys to my new place (it is just down the road from where I am now) on 17th July. My current place ISP is Virgin and the and the incumbent ISP at the new place is Sky.

Can anyone advise, is it easier/quicker to "take" Virgin with me or would it be easier/quicker to dump Virgin and sign up to Sky. Also for those who might have used both which do you think is the better option? In terms of service/cost management I am thinking of dumping the cable television part of the service and go to Freeview. Internet and landline (with same number) I would like to keep though.

Also I am looking at Anyvan to source a removals outfit that will simply come in on the 17th and cart everything over to the new place. Does anyone have experience of this type of option and have any advice? As I am only moving a couple of miles this looks like a good way forward and runs to circa £250.00 for the entire job, well worth paying to save me the hassle of trying to pack/move stuff myself.

Many thanks in advance for any help,

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