Moving house and Kit

Ok I've recently moved (quite a long way) and had only a small van to fit mine and my g/f's worldly possessions in. So as a result nearly all of my TA kit is boxed up in my Dad's garage! I'm looking to join a new unit and this has brought up 2 questions:

1) What kit will my unit want back? I understand they will want the Bergan, webbing, wet proofs etc, but I doubt they want all of my issued kit. I haven't phoned them yet but I thought I'd ask on her as well. Any ideas of what I'll keep or what they wont want back?

2) What about the Kit I'll take with me. Is there a way to box it up at the TAC and get it 'posted' over to the new unit, MFO style? I have a fair bit of DPM kit (Day sack and f*ck loads of uniform mainly!) but I'm thinking about the PERSEC issues of just taking this on the plane/Bus with me.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Last time I transfered, I had to hand in my PPE, webbing, bergan etc, but got to keep all my CS95's, gortex, boots, socks, pants, beret, basically anything spunky hands have come into contact with you seem to keep.

However, some units like you to hand the lot back in, theres probably even a sensible unit somewhere that would let you keep the lot and do some sort of paperwork transfer between them and your new unit. but that just wishful thinking!
The RQMS / CQMS between your unit and the next should be able to do a UNICOM transfer for the lot. As long as the IV / RV prints are returned then there is not a problem. If the unit give out the old " it can't be done" sketch they are being lazy, unhelpful cnuts.

That is the only sensible reply I have given out in years.

You feckers.
Well it's good to find that you don't have to hand it all back in... but it might be easier that way!

Any one know about getting other kit 'posted' over? It would take me about 3 return trips to get it all back, and that would cost a fiar bit.

Use the units 4 tonner or landie, failing that ask the COs driver to deliver it...
Or just tell them you have lost your kit, all of it, you'll get billed for it but at least its yours to keep then!

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