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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PRC-349, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys

    I'm lookig into going into the Regulars from the TA and was wondering if people in the TA are fast tracked or if we have to go through the whole process again?

    Any help and info would be most appreciated
  2. you go through your PSI and go on something called FTRS (full time reserve service) for up to 2 years i believe. at the end of that you have the option of doing same again. however you may find you have problems gaining promotion as they wont want to invest the time on someone who can leave at any time

    however if you want to make regular army your career then do it properly and do basic. you leave TA and start from scratch.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    You can be offered a direct transfer in Service from FTRS to Regs if they think you are good enough, but you will always be looked down upon for not doing basic training.

    Do Basic, don't mention you were in the T.A. during training.
  4. Thanks for the advice
    I'll look into that ASAP

    Thank you
  5. Really?

    What if your a decent TA soldier with a few years and a couple of tours/tapes behind them?

    I would have thought that if your a decent bloke, then no problem.....?

    If you a young pup only just joined... then, yep leave and do basic
  6. it used to be you dropped one rank. i was attached to 1QLR in 2003 in iraq and they tried this. i requested a board of officers and it was quietly dropped.

    wonder if its still the case now
  7. i know of some one who was in the TA for 8years and only had to do a 4 week recruit course ,and that was it he had done 1 tour of Bos tho so that might have helped !

    so it is possible ,i doubt you would be able to hide the fact you already no what your doing in basic !
  8. It can be done. I left the Army in 2000 after 14 years. Grass wasn't greener in Civ Div so I went for a 2yr FTRS as I was also in the TA (couldn't let it go!!) After 12 months on a FTRS contract, you can apply to transfer to Reg as of right. CO has to wright you up etc.

    FTRS contract was ended and the next day, I rejoined the Army (missed out on the 28 days leave I was granted because MCM div forgot to tell me until 3 days before I had to be in the UK to re-attest.)

    3 months later promoted, 2yrs after that, promoted again. total retraining..Nil. Mind, that may have to do with my previous service.
  9. I know of TA lads who were on an S Type and were asked to stay on. It never affected thier standing and all have been promoted three or four times in 15 years. I would say that the same would apply after FTRS. You can also go down the route of doing basic - no harm there if you are a young buck, but if you are a corporal or above you might not have the patience to learn about putting up bashas again!
  10. Thank you guys, you have been most helpfull
    Very much obliged
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    All of the above posts sugesting FTRS, straight across and soldier on are true... to a certain extent.

    They should all come with the sort of warnings found at the bottom of adverts from investment companies.

    "Transfer from FTRS to regular army is possible, but there are no guarantees. The examples given above may or may not be first hand. They may in fact be NAAFI bar gossip, heard third hand at 2.30am. The option to transfer is dependant on the applicant, their experience, their age, PIDs available, the attitude of the CO, the attitude of the Adjt, the attitude of the RCMO and dozens of other factors. Previous acceptances are no guarantee of future acceptances".

    The only guaranteed way is via the ACIO and basic training route. You are then guaranteed a free run, with the only limitations being our own actions. The FTRS route may work for you, or it may not. Hell of a risk to take with your career for the sake of a few months of basic, considering how often the system changes it's mind on how things work.