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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cleanbluesky, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. Have seen various advice about whether it is possible or not to go from TA to regulars, has anyone does this or known anyone that has?

    Also, is it possible for both NCO and Officers to do this?
  2. ah dont trust me eh? ;)

    The only way you can go from the TA to the regulars is either discharge from the TA and enlist as a regular (in which case you will go through training, or at least some of it) or by going FTRS.

    As an officer i am not 100% sure because its even more complicated due to the fact that RMAS for TA and regular is massively different.
  3. Lol - you should take it as a sign that I do trust you, at least enough to put doubt in my mind whereas I was previously certain...

    I think I've seen people on here say that people swap between TA and regulars, but also what you said about the TA being far less trained/fit/capable than regulars (which I would understand)...

    I'd expect that a lot go into TA once they leave regulars, which might be what people have been referring to on here...
  4. You can apply for an S Type engagement (wether thats only for your paret unit or what I don't know), You'll be signed up to the regs for a year with the option of staying in if you want and if they're happy with you, you'll be put into a company (the one were they need men) and I think thats how it works....Wether the people who know what to do in combat situations (NCO's) and the people who don't (Officers) get the same options I don't know, I should imagine so...

    All that about the TA being less trained and not capable is bull shit, the basics never leave your nut wether your TA or Regular...People make it sound like we can't fire a weapon, march, salute, iron, wash, shave ect ect. A lad from our Coy got on a S type and as far as I know, he's still in and that was 2/3 years ago...

    Ask your boss...
  5. As someone pointed out on here recently, we dont do S Type anymore ;)

    I had queried that myself but its actually correct from what i have read into, in that you can either join the regulars or go FTRS ;)

    Oh and as for the training, you are quite right in so much as there isnt a great deal of difference between what you are taught, but i can guarantee that the unit i was with, soldiers at basic never got taught half of the drill to start with, never fired live until they got to a range day months later back with their TA unit and never did god knows how many other lessons that the regulars got taught.

    I certainly wouldnt say that its a bad thing particularly because if the military thought that it needed to change then it would have, however the fact remains that CMS for regulars is miles different.

    Or would you not agree that CIC is miles apart for Regular and TA not to mention Junior Brecon or Seniors for that matter?

    Oh and just for good measure ask this other guy if he gets any pension rights with the S Type, as far as i recall from a previous time with recruiting (before this tour) S Types were only allowed to serve a maximum of 12 years???
  6. Officers can transfer from the TA to Regulars directly, if they are a) too old to return to Sandhurst as a direct entrant and b) they pass the required board. I believe it is run by the Arm/Service directorates. Obviously limited in numbers, and there will probably be a limit on future postings. In my experience, it's only officers with a lot of regular service experience (from mobilisation, FTRS, S Type etc) who get it, and they tend to be senior Capts or Majs.
  7. This is a mine field which Ive looked into a couple of times,

    The last time I enquired I spoke to my local careers office and they advised me to send in a copy of my pampas printout and a covering letter, I did this in my best DW and was told that the recruiter would tranfer the information onto the relevant form (AF B1N)and forward it to glasgow. A few weeks went by and I phoned the carreers office to see if they had recieved any thing back "no it will be a few weeeks yet, I`ll call you as soon as we hear and get you in to to finish the paper work."
    That was about 12 to 18 months ago! 8O .
    A latter phone call was met with"yeah, Im not sure who was dealing with that, givus a couple of hours and I'll call you back"

    nothing heard, back to set AR

  8. Limited being the intended highlight there and would have probably been better worded as "falls into same category as sightings of Rocking horse Manure, Yellow Breasted Poo Hawks, and Nova Scotian Sand Eels".

    And as for Monsieur No Stars, you should have come up to my gaff, i told you at the time it looked like you were being led up the path ;)
  9. Roger that mate

    Will keep that one open and see how long I can stomach this current one for.

    Whats that big shiny thing in the sky called :roll:? It burns my eyes :cry:
  10. So would you still have to do the full RCB?
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Not if you have completed Module 4 - TACC.

  12. Thanks saves another trip to Westbury.
  13. When we returned from Telic they gave an open invitaion to everyone if they wanted to join the Regs they got to keep trade,rank etc etc a couple of lads did it. Did anyone else experiance this? How long is the offer open for?
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Forniup is correct when I returned from Telic 4 I was asked if I wanted to stay on
    I couldn't due to family commitments,age (34 wasn't worth starting again) and had been shown great loyalty by my boss and company it would have been to jack not to come back.

    However one lad did elect to stay on did a sigs course at the Shat a bit of trade training out there and all his paperwork and interviews were done in theatre.

    As far as I am aware he was going on leave with everybody else then reporting back to the sqn to do phase 2 and courses at Bovvy

    :p 8)
  15. TA soldiers transferring to Regular Army - TA soldiers can transfer to the Regular Army without having to do CMS and Phase 2 provided the application is supported by a suitable recommendation from his/her OC. I would suggest that if transferring from TA to Regular Infantry and without any operational experience, the individual should give serious consideration to doing CIC or equivalent Special To Arm course for the Corps.

    With regards to Officers transferring, there is a system in place for officers to transfer to the army on SSVC. However, if already commissioned in the TA and hopeful of a 'Regular' Commisison in the Regular Army, a TA officer must return to RMAS and complete the Regular Commissioning course. With effect from May 05, officers who held a commission in the TA could apply to undertake the Regular Army Commissioning Course WITHOUT having to go back and do RCB.