Moving from Quarter to Own Home - Notice and Respod

Right, I complete on my house next friday and wish to move in ASAP. How much notice to I need to give to relinquish the quarter, and how much notice does the unit need for me to claim RESPOD - House is 55miles from duty station.



How do,

speak to DHE about the quarter

The link above will take you to JSp 752 whci has the rules on allowances and check out chapter 4 Section 13.

Effectively, don't move unitl after 1 April when the new rules come in. Under the old RAAC rules you had to be posted to claim RILOR but the new rules using JSP 752 have removed that.

You can claim a max of 50 miles (current rate about £10.75 a day). Your admin staff will need to start it once JPA has been switched on.

hope this helps
Appreciate that. Dont suppose you can paste the relevent section as I dont seem to be able to read it from the laptop Im using.




04.1306. Eligible Service Personnel - HDT (Private). Service personnel, irrespective of their PStat Cat, who travel to work daily from either privately owned or privately rented accommodation, either by private or public transport (whether or not a season ticket is issued, see paragraph 04.1310), are eligible for HDT (Private) as long as one of the following applies (for Reserve and Cadet Force personnel see 04.1304d and e):

a. They are Regular Service personnel occupying private accommodation more than 9 miles from their place of work.

b. They are Territorial Army Non Regular Permanent Staff (TA NRPS) who are serving in Central London. For the purpose of HDT (Private), serving in Central London is defined as serving within the area for which RRA(L) is paid, less Hounslow and Woolwich.

c. They are FTRS(FC) personnel.

d. They are FTRS (Limited Commitment), FTRS (Home Commitment) or Additional Duties Commitment personnel who are serving in Central London (as defined in sub-paragraph 04.1306b).


04.1308. Ineligible Service Personnel - HDT (Private). The following Service personnel who travel daily to work from private accommodation are ineligible for HDT (Private):

a. Service personnel who occupy a privately owned or rented RWA 9 miles or less from their place of work.

b. Service personnel who have the option of using transport provided under Service arrangements for travel to and from work, whether or not they actually use it. They may, however, be eligible for HDT (Private) when the scheduled journeys of such transport do not reasonably correspond with their hours of duty (eg shift workers).

c. Service personnel who travel more than 5 times per month as passengers in a motor vehicle with a claimant of HDT. In these circumstances, the driver may claim passenger allowance in accordance with paragraph 04.1318. Where however, the passenger is a Service person who claims HDT in their own right, but chooses to travel as a passenger less than 5 days per month, they retain their entitlement to HDT and passenger allowance may not be claimed.

d. University, medical or dental cadets.

e. TA NRPS who are not serving in Central London. Existing claimants will, however, continue to receive payments up to 31 Dec 2010, provided their eligibility under the previous regulations continues. For the purpose of HDT (Private), serving in Central London is as defined in paragraph 04.1306b.

f. R IRISH (HSFT) personnel (see paragraph 04.1304c).

g. Non-mobilised Regular Reserves, Volunteer Reserves, Sponsored Reserves and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers.

04.1326. Maximum Distance. All HDT (Public) and HDT (Private) claimants will be restricted to a maximum of 50 miles per single journey, including the distance of any PC, except for the following:

a. Personnel in Central London assignments will be issued with a season ticket or paid unlimited HDT for their full public transport travel costs, recognising that the majority will travel by public transport, normally rail.

b. Individual cases may be submitted in exceptional circumstances (ie medical or compassionate) for JPAC Pay and Allowances Casework Cell (PACC) authority to claim HDT (Public) or HDT (Private) for single journeys up to 70 miles.

c. COs may authorise Service personnel to travel in excess of 50 miles or 90 minutes, but the HDT entitlement will remain at the 50 mile maximum. COs must be content that the Service person’s performance of their duties will not be adversely affected by the long journey.
JJ, you are a gent. Is there a timeline for giving notice to move into private accom?


not that I aware of. but nothing will be actioned until JPA can be used by HR admin staff around 12 Apr.

Good luck

PS there is also a DIN on the new JPA allowances that came out last year that clarified that the fact you don't need a posting order to claim HDT(private). (just in case you need it)
Not quite au fait with the JPA allowances, as I am not in the Pay World anymore.

Is it still not the same under the old rules for RILOR that if you move mid tour (ie not with a posting order), you are only entitled to RILOR, or whatever it is now, at the same rate you were getting RPOD, or whatever it is called now ???

For example, you lived on camp, didn't claim RPOD and bought a house 40 miles from camp, you would not be entitled to RILOR, or whatever it is called now, as you didn't claim RPOD mileage.

If it is still the case, then no money for you, but if it isn't then stand by to collect the dosh.

I processed quite a few people getting RILOR over 50 miles and it was very easy to get it, and that was only 3 years ago.
Moving from a MQ into my own home was easy,I just asked for a marchout date to be arranged...but that was 6yrs ago things may have changed.

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