Moving from Iphone to Galaxy S2 issues

I have an Iphone 3GS and also an Iphone4 that my missus uses. This morning our baby puked on the Iphone 4 and killed it dead. Phoned T-mobile and brought our upgrade forward 6 months so I've got 2 Samsung Galaxy S2s inbound.

Problem 1 - My phone is backed up to Icloud. I have googled about transferring contacts so I created a Gmail account, went into Itunes and selected sync with Gmail etc. It did the sync but when I look in Gmail the contacts are still not there???

Problem 2 - The Iphone 4 was not backed up to Icloud, it is however linked with an Itunes account and backed up to the laptop. the phone is dead so cannot be reconnected to Itunes etc. is there anyway of syncing the contacts from Itunes to the new phone although the Iphone is now dead?

Samsung Kies is the proprietry updating software used by Samsung to sync up its smart phones, and it has the ability to transfer information from different phone manufacturers to Samsung, however I guess this will be of little use in getting contacts into your phone. However there is one possibility, I cannot guarantee it will work with your contacts, but there is a samsung utility that allows you to sync your S2 or S3 to Itunes for podcasts, music etc.

Search out "easy phone sync" in google play.
Samsung Kies is good for general back-ups and updates for Samsung phones and tablets, but it is very dodgy for transferring contacts without scrambling them.

Best to get everything into Gmail somehow, then download onto the phone. The Google side of things is completely seamless once your data is in there.

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