Moving from Germany to uk

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Harvey_Lucas, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    So i would like to know if i was posted out in germany, would the army help me and my family move back to the uk to my own house once i have signed off. Or would it be the case that i would have to pay for everything?

  2. Not sure on the case now but when I was in you had to pay for your last move, if you have done a few years you might be eligible for a posting to spend your last 6 months in UK. As I said I have been out 9 years now so check with your welfare officer.
  3. I believe that they have a duty to get you back to the UK (ie family flight or MMA from unit to ferry) and your removals but no disturbance cash.
  4. Almost correct, you should get a notional MMA @ PCR claim from Birmingham Airport to your final address, removals through the system and associated Subsistence Allowances, but no Disturbance as stated.
  5. am currently planning on moving back to the uk from germany after being here nearly 4 years.i have been offered removals as i am married and need my stuff taking back to the uk. but apart from that your on ur own mate.
  6. Don’t suppose you know on what authority this was done under?
  7. If you wait about another 10 years you will be able to join in with the max exodus of everybody else who will be being repatriated (unless they have all been made redundant). In that circumstance, there must surely be some kind of 'economy of scale' saving on the cost of the move.