Moving down under??

I came to Oz on a free transfer a few years ago and would be happy to answer any questions people may have on doing the same thing.
It’s been a good move, although some off the guys have been f#cked about in the process – nothing more than they were used to mind you!

Did you transfer across before completion of your 22? Was transferring the pension across easy?
I came out before my 22 yrs - I've spoken to others though and the pension is the biggest downer; you can't bring it with you & you'll get taxed (twice) on your UK pension is you come over too!
That said - jobs for the boys until your 55. And the sun does shine....
Los Cojones - That's balls to you.

There is only one, in recent times anyway!
Cheers Oz

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Would you get taxed twice if you left your pension in a uk account or an offshore account.

Why do you get taxed twice?
I don't know - I joined the Dukes because I couldn't do maths!
One would presume that if you earn the dosh overseas and leave it there you'll not get taxed - butI would say it would have to be declared. OK, my wife does the taxes in my house - but there's a few blokes who I now work with over here who are ex UK Forces. One declares it & is therefore taxed by Aus and the other is doing the dodgy. Up to you. I was a 5 year Offr, so was still red a red arse. Oh, wait, I will get about 1200 quid a year when I'm 65.
I do know how many points you get for a try though.

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