Moving Down Under - Working Offshore any info?

Can anyone share any experience they have of moving to Australia, as a civvie (I realise there are many Army transfer threads etc).

I'm mainly looking at working offshore in the drilling game as its what I do now. I've got 3 years experience in the North Sea working in the Brit, Danish and Norjie sectors including a 6 month stint drilling a well in the Barent Sea offshore northwest Russia, all as a Roughneck.

What is the situation down under, rig wise? Crew change towns, drilling companies agencies etc? I've asked about, where I am at the minute, but as usual everyone is an expert but can't give me any hard facts on the matter as nobody seems to know of anyone who has done this.

Are there any websites anyone can steer me to. Im a bit of an internet biff, and also I'm in the middle of a trip in the north sea and it takes about 15 minutes just to get online out here. I've had a quick look on google searching but the normal webbo offshore 'pay us 50 quid and we'll guarantee you a job on a rig' type scam stuff comes up.

I've just went back to work after mobilising for H13 and to be honest I'm a bit fed up with the UK and all the bollocks that goes with it. I know Oz is not a perfect paradise, but I feel the need for a change or something. Me and a few other lads have been thinking about it.

Thanks for any info anyone can pass on, its much appreciated.

Had a search on arrse but didn't find much on this, also as mentioned I'm offshore at the moment and its took me about 40 minutes just to log in and type this up.
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