Moving cities - moving recruitment offices.

I am going to go into my rec office this week to tell them but unfortunately (partner has got a job on south coast) I am having to move cities in the next 5 weeks.

Has anyone got any experience with how long this can set my application process back, if at all?

I wish it didn’t have to happen but as I am only at the just about to get a date for ADSC stage it could be quite a while before I get go away for basic. Women!
Im pretty sure that its all computerized now anyway. All it takes is a phonecall from one office to another too tell them you will be moving into that area.
I was a recruiter a few years ago and although your application can be moved electronically to another office, if you really want to stay with your original office, Rail Warrants can be issued to you for future appointments.

The system is there so that less well-off applicants aren't put off from applying because they can't afford to travel. There's no reason why it can't be used in this case.
Unfortunately spook travel costs are now up to the applicant in most areas and budgets being cut everywhere.

Regarding moving ACIOs its no problem all you need to do is let your Recruiter know and then nip into the easiest ACIO to where you move. They do a candidate transfer on the computer and send all your relevant docs down to your new place. Some ACIOs will run different Pre insights but on the whole there wont be too many hic cups..there are a few exceptions in cases where you may have to proceed at another ADSC if its a different area but your new ACIO will advise on this.
Just remeber that if you change outside your ADSC catchment area your RG8 Med info will need to be moved and re assesed by your new Selection centre Med staff. They do differ some what.

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