Moving badges

Depends on the units concerned, and his/her current rank.
The 'blue' book (not sure if I've got its name correct), stated you keep your rank but must get qualified in your new trade (for the rank you have) within two years.

That may only apply to those who had to transfer at the last SDR.
Polar is right I believe, I moved and had to get re qualified within 2 years to retain my rank.

Unit I moved to were very helpful and got me on a course very quickly too!

If in doubt talk to the PSAO or PSI of the unit you plan to transfer to. If the unit is down on recruiting they should be pretty helpful.


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2 years to gain Quals is correct. We (around 30 of us) moved a few years ago, after the last big cull of Infantry Units. Best thing we ever did :D
jurassic_sparks said:
dont count on keeping your rank. Unit I joined didnt have a qlue took 3 years to sort out. Still got there in the end
I had the same problem, the other Sqns knew the score and transferees kept their rank. Mine didn't and we ended up with exInfantry Cpls forgetting they weren't Sgts anymore bossing Sigs Sgts around :twisted: (How hard can it be to put rifles into an armoury).
Was reinstated on the grounds the 'Blue book?' rules hadn't been applied incorrectly.
Depends on the unit strength, around my way you have no worries as long as you make the grade within two years. Face facts, every unit is short so pay and rank should not be a problem! If in doubt Vote with your feet!

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