Moving 2 Aldershot - Need some Advice!!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by muddysmrs, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. Hey... :thumright:

    Am moving to Aldershot shortly and have no idea what 3 choices we should put down on our forms.
    Hubby's gonna be based at Buller Barracks, and I need to be as close to the train station as poss. I have a pushbike and he has a motorbike so its not essential we're "next door" if you get what I mean...
    Don't wanna live in a craphole though so anyone have any ideas?
    Please help as we haven't got a clue - times ticking too!!
  2. Waterloo Park is quite handy for both and town although the houseing isn't the best out of all the estates, they are the smaller houses though we didn't mind it there.
  3. waterloo park is horrible and outdated, go for talavera park next door.

    Train station and town centre is less than 5 min walk away.
  4. Whatever you do, do not choose Salamanca Park. The houses might be new, but there is alot of trouble round here from local yobs causing aggro and thieving. My 2 years there were a nightmare!
  5. That's the name of it, cheers :D Yeah Talavera is much better housing.

  6. Wasnt like that when the Paras were there
  7. Sorry people....actually its Travers Barracks he will be posted too x
  8. Cool, cheers x Might go and have a look about this weekend....see if it really is the dive everyone says it is!!!
  9. Oh it is !! Personally I'd go for Talavera Park
  10. Your lucky you the married quaters estate called Willems Park is no longer there, I was there as a sprog and they were not nice. Its a Tesco now.
    Over the past years many developments have been built in Aldershot garrison. Talevera Park is ok, but didnt realize you get much choice with a married quater in terms of its location???
  11. not everyone thinks the shot is a dive you know
  12. I think it's great! Been here long enough now, all the trouble came when the maroon machine left.
  13. I wasnt para cap badge but my dad was..yes the paras caused trouble in the town, especially with the airborne forces day, which was mayhem and attracted the old nutters...but the town wasnt rough in the way it is now.
    When i visited there for a resettlement course, in 2005, i was shocked:

    Seemed to have asylum seekers dotted around
    Got offered drugs numerous times by very dodgy looking dealers in the pubs.
    Graffiti evevywhere.

    I think the town lost its identity when 5 Airborne brigade changed and left in 2000.
  14. Goose Green estate isnt too bad and its not entirely a hike to the station. Buller and Travers are next to each other and not too far from Goose Green. As the name suggests, its all Falklands related road names on the estate apart from where i lived.....Field Stores Approach!!!
    But as some say, the best looking estates arnt always the best!
  15. Yeah Goose Green, Field stores approach.. brings back memories, i lived there 88-92. Modern 1980s houses, fairly big, though they dont all have garages. Mind you I moved from there 15 years ago, so might have all changed now.