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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rudie, May 5, 2009.

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  1. On a similar note to the brilliant Guess the Movie quote,how about a movie quiz?
    For starters:

    Which two actors have both recieved Oscars for playing the same character?
  2. Marlon Brando & Robert DeNiro?
    Godfather & Godfather II.
  3. Marlon Brando & De Niro both played Don Corleone in the Godfather films so I'll say them...
  5. What song is playing when Jimmy gets chucked out of the night club in Brighton in Quradrophenia?
  6. Wah wah wah watutsi ?
  7. I don't think so,c'mon le crabe I thought you were a Quradrophenia nut?
  8. The Shirelles can't think of the song, cmon Rudie what is it
  9. The Chiffrons - Hes so fine


    Louie Louie - The Kingsmen
  10. I might be end up looking like a c unt here. I'm going to say Louie Louie by The Kingsmen........
    But come to think of it,the final scene in the club is when everyone is doing that poofy little dance with their hands in the air, after looking so cool previously dancing to Louie Louie and Green Onions.

    Question 2
    What tv character ended up having the exact same motorbike that Steve McQueen used to try and escape to Switzerland in,in The Great Escape?

    Feel free to post your own questions!
  11. yep it was the Chiffons, dunno why I thought the Shirelles .....well done that man.
  12. I'm at work at the moment,but when I get home Quradrophenia is going straight on to the dvd player to check this.
    Chiffons?....was it f uck....I think.
  13. In the famous Ronsonoil drinking scene in Withnail and I, what was in the can when Richard E Grant chugs the lot?
  14. Here's a question.

    What film were the prisoner's watching in the cinema scene of 'The Shawshank Redemption'?
  15. Gilda, with Rita Hayworth.