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Huge stock, efficient delivery etc. But stopped my contract, twice, after repeatedly getting scratched and damaged dvds. Wouldn't bother with them again.


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had a lovefilm account for years - never any problems tbh. had a coupole of discs that wouldnt play and they replaced them no questions asked. theyve saved me a fortune.
Thanks lads.
What about downloading the movies. Is there a rental or subscription system for that?
Some of the packages come with the option of streaming from their website, or you can watch them on your PS3 or Xbox. However, the selection of movies you get which are included in the packages are terrible with maybe no more than a handfull of movies worth watching at any one time and you don't get any new releases via the web service.

That is of course unless you're willing to pay more, even if you have a membership with them if you want to stream the latest movies from them then they charge an extra £3 a pop. I sent them an email once asking why the selection of ones with my package was so crap and got fobbed off.
Just left Love Film, no problems just getting too many films even at 2 a month.
Now joined Netflixx (sp). They don't offer so much choice but have enough for family (daughter goes on line at her house) and me.

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