Moves afoot

You fell fowl of the Master Gunner ARSSE!!!!

Everywhere where right and glory leads, GQ's Moderators Cell/Cave door!

Ref the big move more details from any hairdresser's in Woolwich or try the Landlord of the Kings arms!

Sure the eye in the sky on Capital radio will give commentary on the move and traffic jams!
hellfyyr said:
why were my comments removed? Security, like admin, is not a place in China you know!

details of movement should be confidential!
To be honest hellfyrr i read your above comments and think that what GQ did was totally justified. I wouldnt try to tell the mods how to operate otherwise as you will discover you will have your abusive comments binned.

Most members are happy with the site and the way the mods operate but i can honestly say that you are a tit.
why do my posts keep getting removed from here!

Security is important, particularly for this type of post.

I would be grateful if relevant moderator could PM me to discuss this matter ASAP...
Join the club mate, I thought I was hittin the wrong keys with my sausage fingers but then I realised the Moderator was sponsered by Tipex!

Oh the joy of having control!