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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Bob-Sleigh, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Yes i would leave

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  1. :x Anyone heard any rumours about certain Sqn's moving in a North South direction, and how would people feel about being forced to move location, would you vote with your feet and leave if you were told that you were moving. Sorry so many questions but, i am trying to get a general feeling .
  2. I assume your talking about a whole unit moving from one location to another. Surely soldiers are used to moving about, why would this annoy you so much?
  3. Do you mean Wattisham becoming home of the AH and all the Lynx finding themselves in Dishforth? - sure, I would move happily as I live just down the road. :D :D :D
  4. The aviation world is spoilt (or restricted, point of view depending) by the number of postings available. If your unit moves, you move, its simple. We do not have the right to be posted to a geographical area and stay there.

    Harsh reality is if you are on your 2nd tour at the same place then you are overdue a move anyway.

    You get a posting order, you decide what to do about the family (commute, unnacompanied or move them depending on distance and personal circumstances) and then get on with it.

    I have nothing against people wanting to leave when work and personal lives become uncompatible, just dont whinge about it. You are owed nothing, and no promises were made about not travelling in the careers office (people were promised the opposite I think!)

    Good luck to anyone who leaves, hope the grass is greener !
  5. Sounds like... COMMON SENSE! :eek: :p
  6. I couldn't find Dishcloth on Google earth.
    But units move around at the whim of new staff officers,making their case.
  7. Jonwilly,

    Do you seriously belive that Defence will spend millions moving a unit at 'the whim of a new staff officer'. You really need a sniff of reality!
  8. At the end of the day other cap badges move that way so what makes us any different?

    At the end of the day we signed on the dotted line so we do as we are told!!!!!

    If you dont like being told what to do, then it is time for a career change.
  9. The moves are not on the whim of a staff officer, the days of not keeping all your eggs in one basket for tac reasons are pretty much over, why not locate all the type specific spares and tools, pilots and groundcrew in the same place ?not going to get bombed by the Russians anymore are we ?

    Why have millions of pounds worth of helicopter decked when the spare required is up north ? remember there are probably not enough spares to have enough for 2 seperate locations.

    I think it is hard to justify it NOT happening rather than the other way round, only my opinion though
  10. I suppose a security concern posed by locating all the helo's in one place, is the focal point for terrorism. But then, with everything in one camp, not only do you eliminate problems within the AAC, but within aircraft supporting units, such as REME Blackies and Greenies. Of course, it reduces the choice of posting presented, but then, "Wattisham or Dishforth" was never a great choice anyway. :p
  11. With regards to staff officers moving Troops on a whim, are the powers that be not looking at relocating the HQ ARRC from JHQ to UK because a certain Ex COMARRC (who has been known to wear a powder puff beret) decided it would be better placed in blighty? Regardless of the German, Italian, Turkish and US make up of the organisation

    And if a gambler would like a bit of a long shot on the Future AAC, how about 2 AH Regts in Wattisham and 2 BUH, BH, LUH, FLYNX (or whatever tomorrows new name is) Regts in a soon (soon in MOD terms being the next 10-15 years) to be ex RAF base, like for arguments sake, Benson.

    Stranger things have happened at sea
  12. Sniff of reality, owt like wiskey ?
    well if staff officers don't wonder who does