Movers - Good, bad or oxygen thieves

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tiffy_Massive, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. This may be the wrong forum for this, but its either in here or the NAAFI.

    Yet again i have been amazed by the low standards with movers. I don't think its the Army movers that mess us around, but i have a pretty good idea that its the crabs.
    Yesterday we were *ucked about at Brize for several hours while they tried to open the *ucking cargo doors on a tristar. Lots of guys sat around waiting for some 1/2 wit RAF punter to tell us what was happening. 3 1/2 hours later and after some of those on R&R had missed their connections they finally gave us our bags. That is only the tip of the problem. They are a bunch of total ARRSEholes in my view. They treat joe squad like a piece of sh1t.
    I would love to get some of these people in a large room to sort it out, man to man, although i would not like to openly call the majority of the RAF movers i have ever met men!!
    Give the job to civies, they can only do it better.

    Anybody else out there think the same??
  2. By the title of this thread I thought you was having a dig at the RLC movers who actually on the whole do a very good job. As with any trade there are a few idiots out there.

    The RAF have always been up their own arses and this will never change. Did you say some thing whilst waiting or did you just sit there filling the sticky machine with your coins?
  3. The last time I got off a Tristar it took them an hour to find our baggage, we were the only people on the plane. It can't be that hard to locate 150 bergans on a plane, its not like they slipped down the back of the settee now is it.
  4. So how would you open a door on a Tri Star then you genius?

    Movers are not aircrft technicians. If there is a fault on a very old, overused aircraft, then it takes some technical repair to get it open.

    Only a true mong could blame a Mover for something like that. Stop bumping your gums and save the internet some electrons.
  5. A little contrite from T_M. I would expect REME above all people that would understand some things can't be fixed immediately.

    Also ironic that it would be T_M's RAF counterparts then that couldn't get the door open.
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  7. dingerr - If any of our guys minced about like those spazzes did on saturday they would have had a shoeing from someone.

    Mr_C_Hinecap - yeh thanks for that, not my plane, not my problem and your only passengers. Heard it before and probably from a really good chap like you. To keep it simple for you, we all know how **** they are about making sure the aircraft is serviceable for use and most of us have been left waiting for an aircraft to turn up because they had to do some sort of job on it. So why can't they get it right, and the airframes are getting old sketch is getting boring now.

    My real point is that as a passenger you get treated like a piece of sh1t on the RAF's shoe. I did say something about it to the RAF punter who didn't bother his arrse to let us know what was happening. However they are sh1t and wonder why the humble joe squad hates them so much.
  8. How would you propose we stop old frames breaking down then fella? I am interested in your solution because some of my very bright Engineering mates have yet to work miracles.

    However, I despise it when pax are not told what is happening - it really grips me. It is still not addressed by Movs training and the biggest failing ever. It wasn't that much effort for me to brief anyone at any time - I don't understand the issue
  9. right, firstly, lads, it was not my shift on that day!!!!!!!! :)

    more importantly, IF it was a tristar KC1, then it is a techy job to open and close the cargo door, movers have nowt to do with it. so blaw them if so.

    thirdly, there was a recent incident involoving movers (RAF!) and flight crew from the tristar operating sqn (to remain namless! :p ) as to who has priority of baggage processing - the troops returning from op tours or the flight crew who have flown them back. unfortunatly, THE MOVERS LOST and the flight crews bags get priority! :(
    so beliave it or not, we do think of the customer! we do want to get you back as fast as possible, but a lot of the time it is out of our hands.

    Press the Crab