movement of pets to BAOR

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by STEVEP, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Anyone out there who can tell me whether I have to move pets from UK to BAOR by an approved carrier. Understand the process involved in pet passport. Surely if thats in order I can just bundle them in car. Any advice gratefully received.

    Steve p
  2. what pets are they? cats and dogs need passports, rabbits etc don't
  3. They are one two cats and one dog.
  4. need passports mate, could always stick big ears and a fluffy tail on them
  5. Here you go, all you'll need to do to take your pets over the Channel:

    Depends on who the carrier is to whether you just put the animal in the car other whether you have to book first!

    Remember on the way back to the UK the animal MUST be injected a min of 24hours before the ferry leaves and the info put in the Passport.
  6. It's been a few years since I have done it, but there are no restrictions passport/ticks etc for travel from UK to Germany - you have to do it all on the way back though!
  7. Cheers Buddy,

    I'll check out Defra.
  8. Be aware that when you do the blood tests for rabies (I did all this with my hound a year ago), you cannot bring it back into the UK for 6 months after the test. As such, either make sure the test is done well in advance or plan on the beast not returning to the UK for a while.

    Part of the process is microchipping the animal and I have heard that if you go to a working dog unit they can sort it out dead cheap. I heard this from another serving chap but did not do it myself as it was all done before I got the info.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Sorry, just to add that you should be able to ge the Mswt (equivalent of VAT) back if you get your pets chipped in Germany - it might be cheaper than the UK for 2 cats & a dog (all depends how quickly you want to get back to the UK)? It would be worth getting in touch with your German Hive to get a recommendation for a vet who would be able to quote you a price - the majority speak good English and know the score.
  10. Haven't heard BFG referred to as BAOR since I served in Berlin in the 1970's - or have we gone full circle and are now calling it BAOR again!
  11. I took my dog tp BFG via Hull Rotterdam, really easy cost me next to nothing on the overnight ferry, had to stick him in a kennel on the car deck but no real dramas. As long as you follow the rules of the pet passport scheme you'll have no problems.
  12. I brought my dog back and forward for about four years. I would recommend when you come back to UK that you have a file for each animal and keep every sprap of paper from birth in the file. Twice I got to the port and they asked for something we didn't know we needed but because of the file we could travel.

    As for going out, as long as the carrier is happy, no paperwork is needed.
  13. This'll do. It'll take you back to 1994. :roll: