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Scenario: A pad is living with his spouse in a Private Hiring, he has served 22. They decide to buy their own property in the same area, and at the same time he hands in his notice to leave the service. I have read through JSP 752 and I believe he will not be entitled to FTOD as he is already in the area he wishes to settle, however, would he be enitiled to Movement of PE at Public Expense? If so how would he go about this, just fill the forms in with the QM or is there more to the procedure. Any help received much appreciated.
Unaccompanied Baggage Removals and Storage Documents

With effect from 01 October, Agility Logistics will assume responsibility for the management of the Unaccompanied Baggage (UB) contract under the title of Global Removals Management Services (GRMS).

With effect from Fri 01 Oct 2010 all requests for movement of Personal Effects, excluding official vehicles, must be submitted via the Agility Logistics GRMS website

The application process will lead you through a series of questions to determine your removals requirement and volumetric entitlement. Any queries regarding the calculation of entitlements should be addressed through your HR admin who, by reading the relevant policy, should be able to assist.

After completing your movement application form online please observe the following steps:

1. Print the completed application form.

2. Submit the printed form to an authorised officer to be signed and stamped.

3. Send signed and stamped forms to Agility Logistics via fax, post or e-mail to the stated contact points.

4. Upon receipt of your stamped and signed application form, Agility Logistics will process your movement request.

Application forms should be sent to Agility Logistics via the fax numbers below or the contact details provided at the end of this instruction.

Movement Type and Fax numbers

SPS +44 (0) 844 282 1467
RSO/Storage +44 (0) 844 282 1468
FMS/UKRS +44 (0) 844 282 1469

Whilst it is appreciated that many removals details are not known on receipt of an assignment order due to housing allocation etc, it is essential that individuals submit removal applications promptly on receipt of their assignment order.

Please ensure that you input the details available in order for Agility Logistics to have early sight of work volume so that they can plan accordingly, this will aid in improving the service to the user. Failure to apply for removals on receipt of your assignment order may result in delayed moves and, therefore, disappointment for some.
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