movement of haz materials

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by flynavy, May 18, 2011.

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  1. does anyone on here know about a website (i think it was a ministry of transport site) where you could put in the NSN of the item and it would tell you the hazards of moving it and storing it etc. Tried google to no effect

    from what i remember it was a green and white site you just put in the nsn and it gave you a printable sheet
  2. Having done my ADR course at Lecontraz last week! From what I remember (!) it will depend on the transport category of the material you want to transport. If its over the threshold amount, then you'll have to follow GB Regs & ADR in the UK or if a Trans-European trip, then ADR alone (even for the UK bit) will take presidence.
    An example is Heximine, 1000kgs is the threshold amount over which it has to be transported as Hazmat under ADR.
    Under this amount, the ADR regs don't count and the driver only needs Awareness Training. Over this amount, ADR regs count and the driver needs an ADR certificate for the Class he's carrying (for hexi, UN Class 4.1 Flamable solid).

    Ref to JSP 800 (I think!) and ADR manuals (your MT should have these) for road moves of Hazmat.
    Consult your MT section.
    Also, the consignor (sender) of the Hazmat should give you all the relevent info on what is being sent and the documents required.
    If all else fails, ring Leconfield and talk to the Hazmat Trg Wing.

    If stopped by Police or VOSA carrying Hazmat over the threshold when not in compliance with ADR, then both the Driver and Carrier (your MTO) will be liable (big fines).

    If its a multi mode task (e.g including a sea, rail and/or air leg), then you also need to refer to the following manuals and regs:
    Rail = RID
    Air = IATA
    Sea = IMDG

    And remember, that a ferry to Europe counts as a sea leg, so you have to comply with IMDG aswell as ADR.

    Hope this lot helps mate :)
  3. 140


    "Oh my god"
    The life story of a Hazmat Instructor,
    And still no website link.
    Do you breath & eat Hazmat?????
    What about the euro-tunnel?
  4. nah mate, not an instructor, its all just fresh in my mind ............... plus was very board in work yesterday with no tasks on! :p