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Discussion in 'RLC' started by brmb, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi all - hope some of you might be able to help with this.

    I am in the process of joining the army and have now got to give a pretty definite answer as to what trade I want to go into. I am thinking about Movement Controller but have a few questions:

    1) Do you think I will be waiting long if I choose this one? I know some people who have had to wait ages to get in.

    2) Are there many Movement Controllers in Germany? Coz that's where I really want to go. Or Northern Ireland if that's not possible.

    3) Is it fast promotion on average compared to other trades?

  2. 1) Don't know
    2) Regt based in Bielefeld Germany, don't think much scope for NI
    3) Rapid
  3. Right, powers of observation time:

    A. Your Avatar is BRMB, hence you are from Birmingham?

    B. I have got the answers to your questions:

    1. How do you know people have had a long wait? There are at least three courses a year run to train Movement Control Class Three. PM me for further details.

    2. If you are indeed keen to join, you need to rethink this "I want to be based in" attitude. The whole point of military service is that you (within reason) go where they tell you. There are places in Germany available but no chance at all of Northern Ireland. The point is if and when you pass the relevant courses you will have the opportunity to submit a posting preference and will take your chances between UK and Germany.

    3. Promotion can be quite fast in comparison to other trades but you still need to exhibit the right characteristics/abilities to benefit from this.

    This post has all the elements of a wind-up; if this is genuine then I feel that you are going into the military with the wrong attitiude. We will train you to be better than you are at present and reward you with promotion, status and responsibility. If this whole thing is about being based somewhere you are keen on and instant Sergeant then I suggest you apply elsewhere. If you join there is a lot of hard work in your future; do not be under any illusion about this!

    I am happy to answer sensible questions about the trade; I am only a PM away!