Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by mush_dad, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else planning to do it?

    Movember United Kingdom - Home

    I'd have kept mine from last year (I thought it looked quite rakish in a 'Jason King' sort of way), but the other half threatened to institute Fanuary in response if it wasn't removed.
  2. I may, but I'll wait until november to decide.

    Are you planning for Easter also?
  3. Not me. Personally I think it's a gash way to raise money for charity as it requires you to do **** all and the amount of money I'll sponsor someone is directly proportional to the effort involved on their part.

    I'd be embarrassed to ask for money for just not shaving for a month. Also its ******* gay and bad enough seeing dozens of photos of "hilarious" taches appear every time I log into Facebook without having to look at one in the mirror.

    Also I'm a miserable sod.
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  4. Have never really understood that.

    Unless you are some form of sadist (not unlikely considering where we are) why does some poor sod have to suffer so that you will give some of your cash to a charity and the more they suffer the more you give?

    If you have been persuaded that the charity is worth your money why not just give it to them?

    Doing a sponsered marathon while dressed as a gorilla sitting in a bath of custard isn't going to make me part with any more cash than if you can convince me to support your charity in the first place and if you can't convince me then you ain't getting any cash no matter how far you run.

    Might be just me of course.
  5. Has anyone told the Snail that it isn't November yet?
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  6. Point taken.

    Last year I managed to squeeze over £350 from various friends and relatives which came from the awareness raising of them asking "why the **** have you got that awfull 'tache"

    If I'd just rocked up and said "have you heard about this/that charity, bung them some cash will you" I doubt if if got the same response.
  7. Simple. If you want me to donate money to your chosen charity, which 9 times out of 10 is one I wouldnt have donated to off my own back then convince me it means something to you. Best way to convince me is to put a bit of effort in and push yourself to do something you normally wouldnt or couldn't.

    It's all relative of course. I'll chuck money to someone who has a fear of heights doing an abseil or someone who has got off their arse having never run the length of themselves and done a 10k. But, for example, running 3 miles when you do that every day anyway you'll get bugger all. Same detail if you run a half marathon every week then want money for running one.

    A I said earlier I am a miserable sod.
  8. Yeh, me and I think a few others at work are. I didn't find know about it until about the 7th november last year, so a bit late to join in, but a few guys in our tech dept had a competition to raise cash! Besides it's for us blokes and it's about time we had something rather than breast cancer (not that it's an unworthy cause) in our faces!

    Porn star month here we come!
  9. I get all that but it is the old £X per mile or "I'll give you £50 if you manage to get to the top" and the such like thing that I really can't be doing with.

    If growing a dodgy porn tash or hopping backwards up Everest in a diving suit is what you are using to get my attention then if your charity is worth while then I will give you money, if you then fail to make it up the mountian, grow the tash, finish the race or whatever I am exceedingly unlikely to refuse to give you the money so the idea of the harder it is the more money I will give you just seems to be a sort of low level cruelty.

    Mind you there are thousands of people who seem to enjoy doing odd and painful things to themselves to raise money and they do raise untold millions so I suppose it might be me that has the problem.
  10. How about if they grew a tache and then had it torn off with wax strips? Painful enough for you?

    ...or would you require them to undergo the full blowlamp treatment? You miserable git. =-D
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Nah, see, you have got the wrong end of the stick. Me and some mates did this two years ago. We raised a four figure sum for whatever charity Movember supports. Dick cancer if memory serves?

    We did this by doing nothing outstanding. Rather we rocked up to people looking like Viking porn stars and demanded money from them. With ******* menaces. Way more fun than abseiling down the Shard with a ******* RM hanging onto the bit of string.
  12. Crossed wires I think. I dont do £ per mile etc. if I sponsor someone then they're getting the money anyway. But whereas an ordinary every day activity will earn either a "piss off" or a couple of quid, something requiring a bit of effort and coming out of your comfort zone will earn more. Eg recently sponsored a (civvy) mate a ton for a half marathon with weight.

    All assuming the charity's worthy in the first place. Save the whales can **** off even if the blokes running the marathon des sables. I hate whales, the smug *******.
  13. I think it must be a cultural thing that I have just moved away from or something TBH.

    If your civvie mate had come to you and said "Give me £x for this brilliant charity I have just heard of" you would say no.
    But if he then says "Ok I'll spend a couple of hours hurting myself" you're quite happy to cough up.

    Sounds ******* odd when you put it that way.

    Oh and I'm with you on the whales. Bastards the lot of 'em
  14. Yes. Murdering bastards.

    Save the Krill!
  15. I can't stand the dolphins either, smug bastards