Movember for Veteran's Aid!

Good day to you all,

I'm an Officer Cadet with the East Midlands University Officer Training Corps. I'm taking part in Movember - a month long unshaven stint, in aid of the Charity, Veteran's Aid. For those of you who have never heard of it, Veteran's Aid works day and night to get Veterans of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, who have fallen on hard times, off of the streets and back on their feet. It doesn't receive the same press Help For Heroes does, because every penny they receive is put to the cause.

I've attached the link to my JustGiving page, as well as the Veteran's aid website. Any donations would be graciously received; even better would be to start your own page for them! It's all for a good cause!

As you were gentlemen,


Chris Coulson is fundraising for Veterans Aid
Veterans Aid ~ Caring for Veterans in crisis...Now!
However worthy your support of Veterans' Aid is, you seem to have missed the point of Movember, young man!

Movember is a charity effort to raise money for various cancer charities that specifically affect men.

Movember United Kingdom - Home
I appreciate the notion of what Movember stands for, and perhaps would have been clearer in dubbing it No-Shave-November for the purposes of what I plan to do. I am aware that the act of Movember stands for raising the awareness of men's health; I have been intending to raise money for Veteran's Aid for a while now and it just seemed like a good way to start!

I've raised money for Movember in it's original guise, and thought I would mix it up a bit. I'm glad you raised it though; the more people raising money for the original spirit of Movember, the better!
I am growing one too. Would it be too soon to grow a John McAleese type?
If you are saying you are raising money for a charity, all money raised must go to that charity. You can't choose to simply 'mix' it up.

I suggest you go away think about it and come back in the new year. November is out as the focus is on Remembrance and the RBL. December is always out due to an annual event called Christmas.

Also think of something else than not shaving, it's not an effort and doesn't warrant people contributing to you for being a lazy smelly bastard.
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