Move To Midlands Project

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Pangur_Ban, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. There have been a number of rumours and half-rumours, and the occasional snippets of truth, flying around regarding the the move of DMS services to Birmingham and other Midland sites.

    Today a small A5(ish) glossy was dropped onto my desk outlining the latest plans, answering (in true MoD Speak) the FAQs and briefly explaining why the original project was altered.

    Have others seen this brochure? If not I suggest you keep your eyes out for least it provides a chance to hear what the partyline is!

  2. Should be an announcement tomorrow about "secured funding" and shortly thereafter an E version on the DMSD website of the A5 glossy you rec'd today.
  3. So are you people of the ivory towers gonna let us low-life in on the details :wink:

    (On leave, and will be for a week or 2 :twisted: )
  4. No change there then. Is it another pie eating competition in pasty land
  5. Dui Lai

    There's quite a lot of info on the glossy which I would rather not paraphrase - is better to read the whole thing if possible. Given Neanderthal's post it might be best to wait out for the DMSD e-version.

    If that is too delayed too long or not generally accessible I'll post some of the gen for you.

  6. HArk at you :roll:
  7. Thanks PB, will wait until I am back at work :wink:
  8. The e poster, which includes FAQs is now posted within the members area of the DMSD website at

    If you are not already a member (and I suggest that all you that are serving in the DMS should be) you'll need to go to Registration & Login to obtain a DMSD username and password to access it (and the rest of the stuff, which includes the Member's Forum, that's available).
  9. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    I hear that premises at Longbridge will be vacant soon so this could well be on the cards :D :D