Move to Dubai?

Hello folks,
Need a bit of advice please. I did 25 years in the RAF, Air Traffic Controller, and have had a civil ATC job (not controlling) for the 11 years since I 'retired' from her majesties employ. I've been offered a permanent ATC job (which is almost exactly the same as my current UK one) in Dubai for twice my UK pay and it's tax free.

Problem is that my wife doesn't want to accompany me, although she would come out once a month, as her life is here with family and grandkids. I'm 54 and would only do the Dubai job for 4-5 years and then finally retire.

Does anyone have any wise words to give on the ex pat working life?
Granted, I work in Afghanistan & I'm only 34 (35 next month........), but I just see it as putting my life "on-hold" whilst I'm out here. From my limited experience of Dubai (a month or so here or there), it's easy to fall back into the "singly" mindset & spend a lot of money on enjoying your newfound wealth.
Sounds like a great deal to me. Going unaccompanied needn't be an issue, enlist the services of a Tamil maid to look after your every need, and life can be sweet indeed.
If your marriage isn't strong you'll be banging asian hookers every night............and even if your marriage is strong..........etc.

If you're very diciplined it may work, if not..........
Go for it mate, it's a no brainer. Dubai is shite, hot and humid but the upsides were all mentioned. Beware of the Pinay girls, they are mental. Never take one home with you, they'll show up when the missus is around one day. Stick to the professionals is my advice, you can get the cuddles from the wife.

Be aware that life isn't cheap in the UAE though, look at the cost of living comparison and see how much the rent will be in the place in which you prefer to live. While it may be income tax free, you are being charged for everything, often at inflated prices and there is shit all you can do about it. The biggest downside in a direct comparison, one that is often overlooked, is the legal situation. You are de facto at the mercy of the local rulers who can revoke your visa without notice and boot you out of the country without you being able to appeal. So happened to someone I know. Wasn't even able to pick up his stuff at the rented accommodation. If you fall out with a connected local, that is it. Oh yes, and there is no access to porn sites, so bring all the **** material with you, but only in soft version.

Friend of mine upon entering the UAE after a trip home.

Female customs officer (FCO) after x-ray in arrival: "could you open your bag"
Friend: "Ok, no worries love"
FCO: "what's this?" holding a dildo in her hand
Friend: "err, it belongs to my wife, it is a toy"
FCO: "What does it do"
Friend: "It is a toy, it is meant to amuse one"
FCO: "Well, it is a sexy toy, not allowed in the UAE, no pleasure for you... or your wife..."
Ah - sorry - jumped the gun there.

Byblos you say? For the England game?

We're doing the quiz at Fibbers so will probably stay there and watch it.
Ah - sorry - jumped the gun there.

Byblos you say? For the England game?

We're doing the quiz at Fibbers so will probably stay there and watch it.
Byblos for mid-week darts and Kilkenny at AED27 a pint - bit of a practice run for Thursday night. Not sure I'll manage to still be standing by the time the footy kicks off, although we might have a look for these "Asian hookers" that Banker mentioned earlier. ;-)

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