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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Spank-it, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. The Government of Canada today announced a New Program for Skilled Workers required for Canada in 2013 and beyond.

    Full Story here} Immigration program launching in 2013 to target skilled workers | CTV News

    Synopsis here}

    Last Updated Monday, Dec. 10, 2012 11:45AM EST

    A federal program designed to speed the entry of skilled workers into Canada will be ready to receive applications in the new year.

    The new Federal Skilled Trades Program will take effect on Jan. 2, 2013, when it begins accepting the first of up to 3,000 applications from foreign workers seeking employment in the Canadian labour market.

    Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney told reporters Monday morning, explaining that 2013 will serve as a trial year in-program-launching-in-2013-to-target-skilled-workers

    In order to qualify for entry, applicants will need to be either pre-approved by a province or territory, or have a job offer in hand.

    Other requirements include basic language proficiency and at least two years working experience in their skilled trade.

    Eligible occupations, including electricians, welders, heavy-duty equipment mechanics, pipefitters and others, will be specified on a list the federal government is now working to draw up with provinces, territories and labour groups.

    The list of occupations experiencing labour shortages will be released ahead of the program's official launch in January.

    "This is about having an immigration system that works for Canada, works for economy, works for newcomers, fuels our long-term growth and prosperity," Kenney said.

    The need for workers is said to be particularly high in northern Alberta, where billions are being spent on oilsands projects.

    In a report released last spring, the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada projected that the energy industry there will grow, on average, by 73 per cent by 2021.

    And some occupations will add more than 100 per cent of their current workforce by then, it said, noting the forecast did not account for labour market turnover or demand for workers in the construction and service industries.

    According to the PHRCC, Canada's oil and gas industry will need to fill a minimum of 9,500 jobs by 2015 in order to accommodate growth in the sector as well as retirements and attrition.

    Skilled tradespeople currently make up a small percentage of immigrants to Canada, despite national demand for qualified welders, pipefitters and electricians, for example.

    When he announced the new program to attract skilled workers earlier this year, Kenney said the existing criteria put tradespeople at a disadvantage because the rules are geared toward professionals.

    Many of them wind up in Canada, Kenney said, but end up unemployed or under-employed in unrelated jobs.

    My Words:

    Obviously, you need to be a skilled worker to apply and willing to live in Alberta (Freeze your bollox off) or maybe live in Southern Ontario..(mucho warmer) or perhaps you've been applying already and this may help speed up the process but it may be worth looking into.


    Here are a most of the Major Oil Companies looking for Skilled Labour

    Oil and Gas Companies in Canada - Find Major Oil and Gas Companies in Canada

    Canadian Natural Resources Limited
    Exploration, development, and production of crude oil, natural gas, and heavy oil. Corporate, operations, and financial information, as well as an employment section. Head Office: Calgary, Alberta

    Exploration and development of unconventional natural gas projects in North America. Includes financial reports, investor relations, and an employment section. Head Office: Calgary, Alberta

    Husky Energy
    Oil and gas exploration, development, refining, and marketing, as well as company and products overview. Employment section. Head Office: Calgary, Alberta

    Imperial Oil
    General corporate overview, natural resources, petroleum products, and chemicals. Financials, annual report and an employment section. Head Office: Toronto, Ontario

    Formerly Canadian Occidental Petroleum. Global oil and gas exploration and development, and sodium chlorate production. Investor information, annual report (PDF) and employment section. Head Office: Calgary, Alberta

    Top level corporate site with a customer emphasis. Information on oil and natural gas exploration, development and technology. Investors, opportunities and employment sections. Head Office: Calgary, Alberta

    Shell Canada
    Integrated oil and gas company. Corporate and resources information, annual reports and investors and employment sections. Head Office: Calgary, Alberta

    Suncor Energy
    User-friendly site covers oil sands, conventional oil and gas and marketing. Annual report, investors and employment information. Head Office: Calgary, Alberta

    Syncrude Canada
    Oil sands production and processes. Annual reports, employment and procurement information. Head Office: Fort McMurray, Alberta

    Talisman Energy
    Company highlights, including international oil and gas exploration and development. Annual and financial reports, and employment section. Head Office: Calgary, Alberta


    Feel free to ask any other questions (if you are interested) and I will do my best to help.
  2. I went to speak at a conference in Vancouver and got three job offers but they weren't offerring much leave I think it was two weeks a year. I've no intentions to go abroad anyway but it did seem very miserly.
  3. Canada is an awesome place, you've just got to be sure you can handle their winters as the temperature is often -20C or lower for 6 months of the year.

    Cheapest place to live is Alberta.
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  4. Quite right Dingerr I loved the place and the food, micro breweries, great steaks, lot of drug users in Vancouver, each block seemed to have it's own drug using beggar but they didn't cause me any problems. I'd not realised the hotel we were staying was in a Gay area as i'd just picked one near to the Hospital I was speaking at. In the room was a brochure with some introduction from the mayor saying something like 'We'd like to welcome you fags to Vancouver' and it went on to describe the vibrant nightlife, really did make me snigger.
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  5. 2 weeks leave per year is one of the main reasons I stayed in Germany when I left the airforce. That and I wasn't keen on -40 winters anymore.
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  6. Oh and the beer, a crate of 20 .5 litre bottles of Pilsner costs me less than a 6 pack of 341ml beer in BC.
  7. Well it must be terms they use there, made me snigger but I got in trouble with my boyfriend for pointing at a man wearing a mini kilt. I must have led a sheltered life.
  8. My Polish friend showed me a link on their UK community web site about attracting Poles resident in UK who already speak English. Construction and transport seem to be the skills in demand. Even at my age (approaching 50 from the wrong side) I'd go back tomorrow if my (English) wife would go.
  9. I agree, it is a hit and miss affair differing from one company to another. However, if the company wants you enough they are always willing to negotiate a higher number of weeks.
  10. I didn't pursue it as I'd no thoughts of working abroad.
  11. Screw Wikipedia, every day on ARRSE is an education, I just learned of that term and what it means!

    It also explains, at least to my fetid little mind, why a certain "element" find the "Oz Fest" close to where I live so alluring!
    I had no idea why so many dressed like they were a Village People fan club event, rather than the Wizzard of Oz.
    Ho hum.
  12. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Only just found out? Where TF do you live? Down a mine?
  13. So it would seem.
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  14. It's not too bad in southern Alberta mate. It's a dry cold so those temperatures aren't too bad and can be handled in a buffalo shirt (with hood and mitts). You also get the occasional chinook wind that warms things up nicely.

    For those interested, elf n' safety seems to be a growing industry.

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  15. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    Well it can't be for the Canadians who seem to shun H&S as some sort of strange thing. My christmas lights are plugged in via extension cables that an Indian electrician would be proud of. And power sockets in bathrooms over sinks with the GFE to save you. My lights out side have been sealed with plastic to prevent shorting. My neighbours think I am strange.
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