Move to Britain? Theyre all drunks and psychos

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. Another Foreigner leaves after logging on to ARRSE.....

    Rozalina Boeva admits she wants a better life. After three years she has had enough - of Britain. She is coming home to Bulgaria.

    "I'm fed up. I don't like it in Britain much," Ms Boeva, a 37-year-old care assistant, said. "I find it very discriminating against foreigners. The government seems to tell ordinary people that foreigners living in the UK are dangerous to British people. I don't know why."

    Ms Boeva has spent the past three years living and working in Swansea. But she dislikes Britain's culture of binge drinking and the fact that her teenage daughter has been bullied at school. "Some British people are nice. But on Friday and Saturday night everybody gets drunk. Many girls get pregnant at 16 or 17. The general level of education is low. I'm going back for a couple of months to collect our things. Then we'll start a new life in Bulgaria."

    Article in full,,1863395,00.html
  2. We need to get this message to a wider audience.

    Although to be fair she sounds like the sort of immigrant we want to be keeping, maybe we could send the Welsh to Bulgaria instead.
  3. No thanks its full of Russian Mafia.
  4. It is an intersting idea to organise 'little Wales', 'little England', 'little Scotland' in Russia ('little Israel' always exists as Jewish autonomous area and it is much bigger in territory than original Israel). The English for example could enjoy there unrestricted fox-hunting.
  5. It's a sad story. But she should resist the urge to blame people in the local community - even though they're being encouraged to blame people like her for all society's problems.

    I don't believe in sending people back or deporting them, but if there were prime candidates for some sort of removal or censorship process, it's the small group of newspaper editors who love to stoke the flames of prejudice at every opportunity in order to shift copies. The effects of their cynicism is all over sites like this, in the form of bileous or misinformed comments. The irresponsible press are also the prime cause of kneejerk reactions by politicians, scared of being labelled as 'soft touches'.

    Could we have some sort of voluntary scheme whereby the owners of the biggest offending rags, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Express disappear for six months at a time so that the level of public ignorance drops, people get a chance to take in some real knowledge and we can all come together to better target the Government? You know, the people who cause and promote our irrational fears, rather than the red herring hoodies, foreigners, polish workers, gypsies, shoplifters, fallen celebrities, black people, homosexuals, Muslims and other various media scapegoats.
  6. Bulgaria's great though isn't it? They only lock up innocent people without any evidence whatsoever.
  7. You left out the French: garlicy mad-cow hiding, striking when we want to go on holiday swine...

  8. I agree, Michael Shields is innocent.