Move Over Spongebob and Buster..

The Coalition of Americans with Small Brains has struck again..

after denouncing Spongebob Squarepants, a cartoon sponge, for appearing in a commercial supporting "tolerance of diversity" and dumping on Buster Bunny for daring to visit a kid in Vermont to learn about making maple syrup and alluding [ though never saying ] that said youngster may have two mommies..

they have now set their sites higher.. they are taking on Shrek!! yup.. Shrek 2 depicts ' depraved' behaviour.. Seems that one of the ' evil ' step sisters from Cinderella now runs a pub and [ voiced by Larry King ] is actually a male-to-female transgender in transition who has the hots for Prince Charming!! [oh - my - gawd ] and.. worse..
When Shrek and Donkey are imprisoned in a dungeon Pinocchio comes to their rescue.. In order to enable their escape, he has to form a ' bridge' with his nose.. to get it to elongate, he lies about wearing women's thong underpants!!..

decadent, corrupt alternative lifestyles!!..must -be - condemned

while we ignore the ' theme ' of the story which deals with tolerance and the understanding that it is not outward appearances that matter but what is in our hearts that count..
[ guess these Bible thumpers are too busy ' thumping ' to read the message in their own book ]..

Can't wait to see them go ballistically apoplectic when they sit down to view Shark Tales in detail.. Robert De Niro plays a shark who has to come to terms with the fact that his son is a Vegetarian! and likes to dress up as a dolphin..[ wonder what thet could possibly be suggesting ??]

UhMurrica!! don't you just love it??
Rocketeer said:
Larry King is actually a male-to-female transgender in transition
I suspected as much

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