Move Over Karen Matthews...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Buzz, May 29, 2012.

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  1. I am not sure if there is another thread running on the subject but todays news seems to have unfolded with a tedious inevitabilty.

    BBC News - Derby fire deaths: Mick and Mairead Philpott arrested

    Media attention seeking and/or insurance scam gone horribly wrong?

    I am hoping this is the case as burning 6 kids alive for no ******* reason would take them out of Karen Matthews division and up to the Brady and Hindley premiership.

    Thank you Jeremy Kyle for making these two famous for 15 minutes, leaving them thinking that they have to go ever and ever further to to get a pay day from the gutter press.
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  2. If true I cant think of anything comparable, some aspects of the UK population are truly ******* horrendous.
  3. Nicely put, although I doubt it's an insurance scam simply because these drongos don't appear the type to have any. My money's on them being after a new council property.
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  4. Oh dear oh dear.
  5. Very likely; it was reported that the "father", and I use that word in it's loosest possible sense, had already complained that the council was refusing to give him another, larger house.
  6. He obvioulsy knew the kids were upstairs though - did this idiot seriously think he could stage a daring fake rescue so the Sun would bung him ten more grand for his families story?

    Derby is awash with junkies you could pay to torch your house while you take the kids to the local chav all you can eat buffet pub with the tuppaware boxes hidden in a handbag so why did he set the fire with the kids in the house?
  7. What was wrong with MY thread?.....sob! :(
  8. Looks like he'll be having himself a smaller one, without any friends otherwise he'll end up like this happy chappy

    Rudy Eugene: Naked man eats face off victim while high on LSD before police shoot him in Miami | Mail Online

    The dead one or the one with a chewed off face, both work well for me.

  9. He had a Cunning Plan, m'lord...:roll:
  10. Indeed. If he is found guilty, he's going to rival Ian Huntley in the popularity stakes. So a BFO bill to the Taxpayer for keeping the **** alive for the rest of his (un)natural life.:roll:
  11. Possibly because like many of the public he had no idea of what actually happens when you set fire to petrol? I mean that seriously. They don't realise the instant inferno that is created, thinking they'll have a bit of time to nip upstairs, save the kids and have plenty of time to get out before it really takes hold. New council house and more cash from the Sun - what could possibly go wrong?
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  12. I dont think anybody could be stupid enough to set fire to their house while their kids are asleep upstairs. Not even someone who has a rugby team plus subs of kids.
  13. Ah but have you never seen the daring antics on Corrie and Eastenders?

    People are that ******* stupid.
  14. Absolutely, People think that you can chuck twenty odd litres of petrol around like spring water, then take a couple of paces back and throw a match at it just like in the films and then not end up in casualty with full depth burns. Hollywood has much to answer for.
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  15. It's not even the flames or burns that kill.

    It's huffing down the smoke, that and the superheated air scorching your airway and lungs out, fire fighters with breathers on might get burned, knob ends in jeans and a football shirt who attempt rescues are dead long before the flames start licking at them.