Move over Indiana Jones, the satellites are taking over ...

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Excognito, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Interesting article on BBC News about using satellites to find previously unknown (or lost) archaeological sites.

    In particular, they have identified a number of 'lost' Egyptian pyramids from space ...

    obvious really, if you think about it, as that is where they were intended to be seen from by the aliens who built them. :ufo: :nod:
  2. What, Pray, were the Egytpian Pyramids doing in Space, bombing Denmark.......?
  3. Yes. The Danes had tried banning Marmite, which act is a Galactic crime. However, give the Danes their due, they learned their lesson and would never be so stupid as to repeat the offence ...
  4. With densely populated areas such as the images have revealed, manpower would have been abundant. So can this mean that aliens didn't build the pyramids at all?.... I'm shocked!
  5. Didn't the Irish build them. According to my mates they built eveything.
  6. Don't be silly. Many cities and towns are built on rivers and estuaries - does the abundance of manpower mean that people built these rivers and estuaries? Of course not. You musn't confuse correlation for cause and effect. The people congregate around the special 'power zones' created by the aliens because they are drawn to them by the exchange of psychons (the guage particle of thought) and partly in the hope that the aliens may return and zaporify the unbelievers.
  7. So the pyramids are actually natural features... the crystal like formations are from the precipitation of alien thought particles...? Sure...why not. Anything makes more sense than people contructing them...that is obviously impossible.
  8. What's really interesting is the unspoken message from the USA to people thinking about hiding things under the sand in the Middle East...

    "equipped with cameras so powerful they can pin-point objects less than 1m in diameter on the earth's surface.

    Infra-red imaging was used to highlight different materials under the surface."

    subtext- We can see what you're up to, assholes!
  9. Well, if you redefine "natural" to include "built by aliens", then yes. Otherwise, and this is consistent with the definition of "natural" that I prefer, they are not natural features, having been built by aliens rather than developing as part the execution of the Earth's 'normal' processes.

    No. They're more like antennas that collect and rebroadcast psychons.

    Well, ... it's not exactly impossible, but, really! I suppose they could have randomly accreted the building stones with their physical limitations effectively forming an attractor, a bit like ants building an ant hill, but otherwise, Earthlings? Who'd believe a thing like that? Hmm, Zabriskan fontemas might, or maybe humans.
  10. And when they start correlating the reflections it will be "We can see up your assholes!"
  11. Nothing new then.
  12. Superb load of old bollocks there old chap! I am in awe.
  13. One does one's best.

    And so you should be, old chap, so you should be. :meditate: :ufo:
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  15. I believe everything you have said, you should start a Church or something. Offer people I don't know, different levels and maybe charge them some money for it. I know I would give up my life savings and house to hear your ramblings.