Move over Gary Tank Commander....

#1 comes Annie Tank Driver!

Anyone been to or involved with the Tank Driving place at Auchterhouse in Angus? We had leaflets dropped off at work today and I have decided that I want to drive a tank!!!

well, at least you wont have the usual femine parking issues!!! just park on top on anything/one you want!!! the only other problem you will have is that the mirrors are not convenient to make up application!!!!!!!

mate if its the tank driving place near Perth I took my old dear and old boy there for her 70th birthday last year! - the young lad running it ( he had various 432's with turrets in some cases) was a RMR and an absolute star my parents were absolutely bricking it but loved it

- they were dressed up in tankie camo covvies and helmet and had an hour driving around his off road course taking turns - I highly recommend it and I can't praise the young lad enough for his patience in taking my mother over the knife edge! - he even gave me a free go just for a laugh

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