Move aside,we need Trams not Memorials,

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Nov 20, 2012.

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  2. I think if it's moved respectfully and put somewhere appropriate I can't see a problem.

    Now, if they knocked it down and used the material to build a drop-in enter for lesbian asylum seekers...
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  3. Manchester is an anagram of "as men retch" which is quite fitting!
  4. The last time I was up there a bunch of Kurds were hanging banners off it and banging on about something or other while the OB watched.

    It might be better if its moved somewhere quieter out of the way of vomiting fuckwits and gangs of bored emo's?
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  5. To be fair, it's a lot easier riding the tram to work than the Cenotaph.
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  6. Seems fair enough, as long as they remember to get it out of storage!!!
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  7. Work, were talking Manchester here!
  8. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Wish they'd move the Cenotaph in Warrington. Its been at the centre of a very busy roundabout for around 25 years and the chaos on Rememberance Sunday is incredible.
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  9. So long as the move takes place carefully, and remembering that the surrounding space required in its new location should be sufficient for the ceremonies that can take place there, it shouldn't be detremental.

    Cambridge's war memorial was located in the middle of the main road into the city, requiring traffic rerouting for each remembrance day to allow the ceremony/service to be performed. This year they moved the entire memorial about 25 metres to a space on the side of the roadway and it has increased the accessibility for people who wish to see the memorial. IMHO its a good move.

    War memorial move under way | Cambridge News | Latest News Headlines From Cambridge City & Cambridgeshire | National News By Cambridge News
  10. I understand your concerns Tuffy but, on balance, I have to say that I do not share your concerns if the changes are managed carefully. By this I mean we need to see that everything is done with the utmost respect, the matter is handled with a priority given to the cenotaph rather than politically motivated photo opportunities etc. and the finish of the new installation is at least as good, and as long term, as the current location.

    Most important is the new location. I should love to think that it could be placed where it is safe from drunks and protesters but in reality that is a dream, a fantasy. It needs to be somewhere prominent with sufficient space around it to allow for Remembrance parades.
  11. Mankchester will probably want to update the memorial concept, nothing too fresh but something more modern, familiar and accessible to the general public. Perhaps even a portable solution to cut the cost of unseen future moves......

    .......I have a vision of a marble coloured portaloo with printed poppy bog roll!
  12. I fear you are correct unless the new location is in a different country or a parallel universe.
  13. Bit of a debate there, on the Manchester Evening News site. First reaction is why move something that's been there since 1924. Fair point. Other arguments are that the location was a graveyard in the first place, there's the usual support for "progress", and "it's the 'planning' of the councils and roads people since then that has shrunken the space around the memorial". Councils' and planners' causes and effects; no surprise there.

    A new location, with all the due respect and consideration for the memorial they can muster and claim, could be good or it could just be seen as business . It might benefit the public transport and traffic situation. Or it is council and planners' meddling for profits. Against all of which nothing much is sacred. Difficult to look at this without buying outrage tickets, but it's an inevitable part of modern life and necessary evil. The Royal British Legion and veterans groups are said to be in support. As usual the council's rhetoric is persuasive.
  14. If the RBL and veterans groups are in support of the move, who are we to draw the keys to the outrage bus to prevent its move? I have indicated one such move in Cambridge which is a vast improvement for Veterans, motorists and public alike. I see no reason that with some planning and forethought that this move won't enjoy a similar improvement.