Mouthy pot crows

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 2565laird, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. Is anyone starting basic on the 16th January 2011?
  2. No just you.

  3. Mmm I somehow dought that
  4. Wrong forum. This is for kit lists only, not to find potential shower buddies to lubricate your thieving scouser ass! Now, go and find the right forum, using the search function or having a look around, keep your gob shut (see my previous post) and we will all get along just fine!
  5. What a horrible little twat u are eh?? And it says my location is birkenhead it does not say I am from birkenhead, typical english always jumpin too conclusions. And I wanna write on this forum I will, I dnno if u think ur chuck norris cousin or something but I aint gonna read through ur scronny little previous comments. Anywyay cheers for the info mrs marple
  6. Ah an internet hardman, well your going to do just fine in the army. The DS will not make mincemeat of you in short order and IF you ever get to a unit, your new bunkmates will surely not have to sort you out in short order.

    Now, go away, and wind your fuccking neck in you horrible little crow wannabe. You really should show some respect to the people on these forums, you have absolutely no fucking idea who you are conversing with.

    I really hope you get rejected/kicked out/run crying back to mummy because it is all to hard for fucking nobbers like you.

    Now, fuck off, and have a long hard chat with yourself in a mirror, then come back, post in the right fucking forums, and stop dribbling on your keyboard.
  7. Why ask a stupid question in the wrong place then

  8. Well its his second time round.
  9. Hahahahaahaa that is funny, really mate u should be a comedian?? Ever thought of it? What are u? A jumped up private? A scronny litlle full screw who thinks he's a brigadier?? Oh I dnno pale blue but ur a funny fella!! I like the fact that ur a keyboard gangster it gives a good impression of, comes across that ur a vietnam vet or sumfin haha little ballbag. Listen here u scronny little pillow muncher the army has been just fine for me for the last 6 years so eh if I ever make it hahaha???? Funny little cunt arnt u. Ur a pathetic little rodent matey, get a grip of urself and stop acting like tony montana, now u fuck of and go and give urself a wash u smelly little dweeb x x x
  10. Forgive me for my foolishness......
  11. 2nd time around is it? what happened the 1st time? left because you couldnt hack it?

    Also, learn to spell you fucking illiterate little cunt. You really are a fucking waste of space. I am surprised they are letting you back in, fucking pikey cunt.

    As for being funny, I know I am, always have been, always will be. Surely if you have been in before you should know the answers to your own bone, idiotic, dumbass fucking questions. Now fuck off you cock
  12. I do apologise about the spelling matey, its this little blackberry man, the kepypad is so small. Again I do apologies, we can't all be little it scrots like urself. What reg are u at pale? I think we should be muckers I could teach u a few things poppet
  13. ow do fuck off.

    This is about kit list not you failing Basic
  14. Scrote? Son, you are still a crowbag even if you have served 6 years! I have retired you fucking moron. As for blaming the keypad, maybe if it wasn't for your neandathal hands punching away at the keypad, you would have better spelling. And for your info, I would never be, or ever want to be, a mucker of yours!
    And the only thing you could probably teach me, if I was in fact, that way inclined, was how to fist your gapping arse, because, qute clearly, it is something you are used too.
    What was your previous unit? Blanket stacker?
  15. It is the keypad matey! Its a nightmare bluey nightmare!! Retired?? I though so bluey my man, probably a TA gimp ur whole careerr? Least uv retired now though, personally I could not give a fuck who u are, gimp or general I'd still bang u out son haha ur an old man, u will be on the werthers original adverts soon matey!! U best watch ur time, I think heartbeat is about to start!! Seriously! Ahh pale blue ud love to be my mate, now fuck off u little peasent, retired? U make me laugh? What the fuck are u doing on this then?? Probably preying on some fresh meat horrible little kiddie fiddler. What did u do retire after min service??? Ur a fucking idiot mate, I was on the wrong forum and u clamped on me like a vulture haha pathetic little pube, fuck off and give me some peace. I know fuck all abot u and u know fuck all about me so don't be so fucking quick to judge. Is is pale blue MC?? Is it fuck!! Now do one son
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Not open for further replies.