Mouthy chav gets what he deserves

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by carlbcfc, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Haha.

    Would have rather seen the little c**t get the shit kicked out of him afterwards, but oh well
  2. Classic bet the Plod still pulls him.
  3. F**king good drills, If it was me i would of knocked that chav cnut out after 3 secs!!!
  4. The martial arts guy showed some major restraint there. Shame really
  5. Have a word. Half the estate were egging on "Hard man" Til he got bingoed. If yon fella had started doing the full Jackie Chan routine the gorilla who closes the gate at the end looks like he'd have got involved at the very least.

    Stopped at exactly the right time. And Hard Man was still seeing stars as he returned to his "Crew" with his tail between his legs.
  6. His window was boarded up too I noticed, signs of previous shite from the chavs.
  7. Classic one that is.

    It appears Chavs have become the new Walts on this site. They must be flavour of the month.
  8. Serves the Chav right for picking a fight with Baron Shortt! :D
  9. I venture to suggest that Mr Chav's "crew" were as testicularly-challenged as himself. But had the good guy decided to perform a 42-move Kata on the Jermey Kyle's head, Plod would have had a complete sense of humour failure and lifted him.

    Can't have citizens Taking the Law Into Their own Hands. Dear me, no. That would never do... :roll:
  10. I would like to see more vids of Les being put on his chav arse.

    What a nice estate, even the guy at the gate was polite enough to close it when Les had made his glorious retreat.
  11. Did I spy a fair few pizza boxes in his bin? Explains a lot, he's a ninja turtle
  12. Good drills that man!

    Arsehole got what he right deserved! Well done indeed.
  13. He must have slipped :)
  14. Why are supposed adults just standing there letting their children film it? 8O