Moustaches and Beards

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. I was impressed by the quality of the moustaches and beards on display in Afghanistan last night during an item on ITV News at 2200hrs. (The report wasn't that bad either but I missed the start).

    A couple of the young Toms looked as if they needed a while longer in-theatre, (was that a hint of gwar in one of them?) but the RSM was sporting a really well-formed Zapata moustache!

    The British Army is currently almost close shaven as the moustaches that we sported in the 70s (along with massive sideburns in Ireland) have all been chopped.

    Are we due for a revival in facial hair and, most importantly, will the ladies appreciate it?

  2. Are they not under orders to grow beards in the 'Stan to fit in with the local culture?
  3. And as an anchorman you would know about moustaches etc.

    Nice to see military ones coming back, though.
  4. Had a stickman once with impressive facial hair his sideys came round an blended into his 'tache
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Thats unless you read the daily hate (mail) in which it states that the order to grow beards is because of the labour governments shameful failiure to supply the troops with enough water!
  6. I think that's more like it though....

  7. :eek:
  8. A beard is a sign of "manliness" in the warmer opiate riddled parts of the world. The lads are growing them to fit in with the civpop and to appear "manly" to them, therefore removing one reason for any disrespect, although I bet the Maroon Machine is creaming it's pants that the long forgotten "Mexican tache" look of the late 80's is making a come back at last :)
  9. "But when it comes to slaughter
    you will do your work on water
    and you'll kiss the bleedin feet
    of 'im wots got it!"

    Somethings never change.
  10. "Never cultivate upon the face that which grows wild around the arrsehole"
  11. Stella wrote:

    the long forgotten "Mexican tache" look of the late 80's is making a come back at last

    You mean it went out of fashion??

    Being clean shaven is just sooooooo last year!!
  12. To declare an interest, I happen to sport a moustache, descriptions of which vary from 'full' as a norm, to 'outrageous' - see avatar. The army not being the same as the one I joined ( the usual old soldier's complaint ) it no longer seems to value the moustache as a militaristic thing and good for soldiers. This compares unfavourably with some of the more warlike types whom we have been sent to sort out recently, though admittedly the idea of some NIG Tom scarcely able to manage a scrawny 'football' moustache (11 hairs a side) is more likely to make the Queen's enemies shake with laughter rather rather than quake with fear.
    It would be convenient to blame it on a softer society, where a scruffy,half-hearted, bumfluff, street-knob goatee is as much as anyone can manage nowadays, but I fear that this is not the case. Whatever else she did right, the blessed St Hilda of Grantham (aka Margaret Thatcher) had a real dislike of facial hair - probably the one area where she couldn't compete with the men. If you look at pictures of her cabinet in the 1980s, there is an almost complete absence of moustaches and beards, despite the number of ex-military types present. That set the tone for the 80s and miitary facial hair post-Falklands hasn't been the same since. Hey-ho.
  13. Every so often being a lazy civvy type I take the oppurtunity to not shave, after 5 days or so I can sport stubble that George Micheal would spluff over. Sometimes apres shave I leave a nice mexican tache and bugger grips but the wife makes me shave them off

    In the bad old days we used to have tache growing comps on exercise, the winner used to get reamed out with a tin of cheese possesed and a tent pole
  14. i think the reason that they have the facial muff. is its so hot over their.

  15. When I last checked in Mat regs the rule was;

    a) Infantry Assault pioneer Sgts

    b) Jock pipe majors

    c) Anyone who shags goats or has one as a regl mascot:)