Moussauoui gets community service

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, May 3, 2006.

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  1. A good decision. Can the USA at last be attempting to re-establish the moral highground?
  2. No "Reward" yet for this would be martyr.
  3. I agree. Life imprisonment prevents him from attaining the dizzy heights of the Al-Qaeda 'A-list celebs' .

    Having him banged up will potentially hurt the AQ cause a lot more than deep frying him.
  4. It will when big bubba wants a game of mummies and daddies in the showers
  5. Dont tell me, he converts and becomes a born again christian fundie ...
  6. I believe in Capital punishment but I must admit, there is something about the US Penal system that means he won't be a member of the playstation generation like he would in a UK prison. I hope he is force fed boiled eggs ala Cool Hand Luke (As opposed to Look no hands Hamza!)
  7. Or the US does the same as the UK and lets him in about 15 years for good behaviour :roll:
  8. i wonder if after a few years he converts to christianity? :D
  9. Not likely. The Prison they have sent him to is like brixton bloody mosque! I tholds all people along the lines of Richard Reid (the shoebomber), Yousef Ramsay and Omar Abdel-Rahman (the brains and the muscle behind the first trade towers bombing respectively)
  10. Oh, I dunno.... At the sentencing....

    Sounds pretty good to me.
    Although I've always felt that if someone has a wish to become a martyr they should be obliged. Dying is such a poor way of achieving your aims...
  11. One of the positive aspects of this result is that the vengeful Bush, Juliani and the rest of the murderous swine baying for death were cheated out of jumping for joy and glorying in the man's execution.
  12. I think you will find that King George was not in favour of the death penalty. It was the rest of the 'religious right' that were calling for it. He did not want to make a martyr of Moussauoui.
  13. That's not what Channel 4 News reported tonight. Can you check your sources?