Mouse Click Brings Home Thrill of the Hunt

The ultimate walt fantasy...

Washington Post said:
Mouse Click Brings Home Thrill of the Hunt

BULVERDE, Tex. -- On a tranquil Central Texas landscape, three fallow deer wandered through live oak and cedar as a rifle barrel poked out of a small shack nearby. With a metallic click, the Remington, clutched in a motorized steel cradle without a hunter at the trigger, swiveled to track them.

The gun's scope showed the cross hairs settle right behind a buck's shoulder and hold steady, a perfect aim that would kill the animal in one clean shot -- if the hunter wanted to fire the gun. More than 1,300 miles away in Indiana, looking at his computer screen, he decided to pass. This hunter wants to bag a blackbuck antelope, and he will wait to click the computer mouse that will send the electronic signal to shoot.

It is called hunting by remote control, the brainchild of Texas entrepreneur John Lockwood, whose Internet business advertises a "real time on-line hunting and shooting experience."

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I am a Deer Hunter & this is the most asinine, unsportsmanlike, cowardly conduct I've ever heard from a hunter or guide :x . Jaysus, why not tie it to a tree first , F@^%ing Cowards .
Not really hunting though is it, it takes away the stalking part. Like what most Walts consider sniping to be, just the "tap", as opposed to the Cam and Concealment as well.

Just buy a shoot-em-up on the PC.

Oh, and disabled hunters......more like fat cnuts who wouldnt be able to run after and take a decent shot because their rapid breathing will turn their chest into a trampoline......not a good platform for the shot.

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