Mourinho - You are a cnut.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. I cannot believe his comments about Andrew Johnson, bearing in mind the way his players go down like they are strolling down the main drag in Baghdad wearing a Mod Parka and carrying a placard with a Danish Cartoon on it.

    He needs to look at cheating cnuts like Robben and Drogba before he has the breathtaking cheek to criticise the players of any other club. David Moyes was quite right when he questioned whether he wants players to avoid contact with his keepers, or to pile in to them ala Reading. I admired Moyes restraint. If it had been me, I'd have done the rest of English Football a favour and smacked the odious shite in the gob.

    Come on then, Chelski fans, come and defend your glorious leader, you sad bag of hangers on.
  2. OI!!

    Firstly if it's 50/50 the Johnson should go for the ball, not like at Reading where both challenges on the keepers we're awful, secondly he's talking about Johnson not us and I think he's got a point.

    Secondly I know that Drogba and Robben have their moments, Robben is lacking in strength and that doesn't help him stay up, Drogba had no excuse and was rightly told by the fans and I think the special one to sort it out which he has.

    Thirdly Everton talking about suing Jose... really please grow up it's a mans game and if you can't talk someone criticising you go home and play with your mummy.

    I can't be nice being so bitter.
  3. Mourinho a cnut?!

    Thank you very much for that blinding glimpse of the bleeding obvious...
  4. That's better !!
  5. personally i thought the first challenge was an honest accident.
  6. Its going on all through the game of football these days....touch them and there down......bring in the sin bin rule (10mins) as in Rugby league.

    I have followed football for 50 yrs,but have moved to a proper game..........Rugby League,where men are men and sheep get nervous :lol:

    Serious tho lads......its getting silly now.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Johnson hurdles Hilarious and get labled a diver (which he probably is) The Reading goes for a 50/50 and gets labled a thug, make your mind up Morinohoho, what do you want? Honest football or the $hite you pedal at Spartak.
  8. That'll be the shite football that's won two back to back premierships, probably the best league in the world then.
  9. Yawn. I fcuking hate Chelsea. When they were shite and were being run by the second biggest c0ck in the game, (Master)Bates. And now they have some oligarch ruining the game in this country. I am looking forwards to seeing Chelski crash and burn, as they surely will. And before you ask, I don't support a Premiership team.

    The only funny thing is that bellwhiff Bates has gone to the only team I etest more. Leeds. And they are really flying. They could be playing away to Bury in the league next year. Ha.
  10. Personally I didn't like Bates either but hey we were up there winning FA Cups, in the top 5 in the League and in Europe before the Russian Revolution.

    People are just bitter and jealous of our success, look at Pompi, in the relegation zone a year ago then a bit of Russian money a wham right up the top this season, they were in third place not so long ago. If you ask me that's a bigger jump due to Russian money but hey no no one notices because it's not Chelsea.

    Also one more point he might gob off in the media but who doesn't Fergie and Wenger have alway been at it for years, look at Wenger recently the spat with Jol then Pardew and now getting sent to the stands, if you ask me he's the cnut manager of the premiership, at least Mouriniho has a policy to keep a British core at the club, even if we do get stung and have to pay through the nose as we're Chelsea!!
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    What all six of them in the first team squad? Only Cole/ Lampard and Terry are first teamers.

    (Admittedly our 2 makes for sad reading!)
  12. As a jock, being told "what the fcuk do you know about football your scottish", and all that mindless drivel, I always said after the colapse of Scottish football when Murray and Mcgann sunk their money to leave 2 big teams in Scotland that the Premiership would go the same way, and it has. The SPL is starting to recover now but it will take a while, but the premiership is well on it's way down. Good luck

    I do blame Chelsea and Man U though
  13. Just because Wenger is an arrse, doesn't make Mourinho any less of one.
    His hypocracy is annoying in the extreme. And the funny thing is that he isn't even a very good translator. I liked Ranieri, he was an honourable man. And living in the Shot, I go to watch the Chelski Reserves at the Rec, good footy for a fiver and some good young talent on show like Jimmy Smith (on loan at QPR)
  14. Before the Russian Revolution, you were set to go the way of Leeds. Bates' model for success wouldn't have worked, long term.

    I also dislike Bates, although I think Vialli & Ranieri came across well, and were good for Chelsea's image.

    There is something in the jealousy claim. However, there's also an issue with your 'new' fans. I get the impression that some of them would have followed ManU, if Roman hadn't come along. (No offence to supporters who stuck by the team in the dark days.)

    Having said all that, I hear that Chelsea gave cheap admission to Sofia fans for the CL game. A nice gesture.
  15. 1. mourinio is a cnut!!
    2. the team are overpayed pussys who dive ie drogba and robben
    thirdly, is it only me who think that foreign players are ruining english football!! fair enough some are good and play to the standards of the game but some are complete CNUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    like that bloke from sheffield who got punched? he didnt complain about a thing!!! all the foreign players and managers would be having a pissy fit like mourino did with cech!!!! FCUKING N0BHEADS!!!!

    rant over!