Mourinho talking sh*te again

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by easymoney, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Whats this all about "My players will not be as fit as Man Utd's,Liverpools or Arsenals as they were in the world cup longer than those teams players" Most of Chelsea's players went out like the rest in the Quarters.They had two in the final Gallas and Makelle same in the Semi's.OK Huth was in the german squad so three.Arsenal had three in the semi's and one in the final.Why does he have to come out with this drival.
  2. He's an absolute cnut. All that money and he complains more than any other manager!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a whining litlle b*tch!

    and don't get me started on Kenyon!
  3. Looks like he's looking for excuse to me...
  4. Ferguson, Wenger. Have a word with yourself mate. Two championships in two seasons, lets go for the third. Your all just jealouse anyway!!!!!
    anyway easymoney, where is your team in the Arrse fantasy league. How about you WP, putting a team in?
  5. Its the Russian billionaire that bought the titles not Mourinho, and with the latest signings ive no dought youve bought a third............who says money cant buy happiness !!!!!!!!!
  6. Listen Sniffer after the trauma of the world cup... I'm in danger of being traumatised by the Inter Toto Cup.... The only fantasy football I'm doing at the minute is fantasising about getting a f*cking striker that doesn't break!!
  7. WP,what about that horrible dutch git at the manure,he's available at a cut price.DS,I will be entering fantasy league,and I expect to include some knackered Chelsea diver's. Afterall our Robert is gone to Spain,no diver's left at the Emirates,and please don't bring up our Henry's theatricals at the world cup.
  8. And with Porto, with no money. Again more uneducated twaddle. You can have all the money in the world, doesnt buy you a title. Ask Real Madrid
  9. Granted Wenger and Ferguson also talk to much! No doubts or arguments there.

    But Mourinho comes out with utter sh*te. You must cringe when he opens his mouth.

    When you lose, which to be far is rare, it's never your fault!

    He gets the results why not let them do the talking and keep his muppet mouth shut!
  10. Apart from Reyes!. Is Henry's face better? WP, get roder to ask Morinho for drogba, you can have him for tenner
  11. You make valied comment
  12. Theres only 6 teams in Portugal isnt there ??????
  13. And how many in the champions league, when he one that with Porto. Nugget
  14. Sniffer wrote:

    WP, get roder to ask Morinho for drogba, you can have him for tenner

    Only if you'll take Jean Alain Boumsong in exchange... he's as good as an extra striker.... To the other team! :x
  15. He's at it again,it must be the middle east situation.He's ready for WAR not the start of the Prem season.Why was he wearing a ref's mike in his ear at a press conference.Is it that he's in talks with Poll on what games he can ref and how many of his players can get more than two yellows.